21 March 2013

The Scrum Cast Episode 18

Our lastest Podcast is up and going, come have a listen while we talk about our favorite new Woodsman The Hunters Grim.

20 March 2013

The Hunters Grim Strategy Guide

The Hunters Grim Strategy Guide
With the release of Gargantuans we Trollblood players have received some good, some bad, and some ugly.  Among our new toys includes one of the very first Warcaster/Warlock units.  Where some Hordes faction received a third incarnation of some Warlocks, Trolls got a second version of one of our favorites, The Hunters Grim.  The new unit has some interesting things going for it so let’s talk about Grim Angus and his two new assistants Muggs and Krump.  Let’s not kid ourselves though, no matter how different, better or worse Grim is in his epic form.  There is one improvement that is without question better than his primal version.  His new Hat is totally rad.
Core Stats - Hunters Grim Core statline boasts only one minor change from his original incarnation.  Hit RAT was increased by 1.  While this may seem a minor change this puts Grim alone at the top of anything in the Trollblood Army in regards to Ranged Attack score and makes Gunnbjorn wonder if a big ole rocket is worth the increased difficulty in hitting his targets.    Even without an increase in Defense or Armor Grim remains the highest Defense caster in Trolls, and that particular stat is right below the best defensive stat in the game in regards to Warlocks and Warcasters.
Base Abilities