22 August 2013

Warlock Synergy Section for Long Riders, a continuation...

I've been bugged a few times to finish this section and honestly I have been too busy to...until NOW! So here is the continuation of a write up I started more than 2 years ago. My opinions might have changed between then and now so don't lynch me if I contradict myself a little.. :P

pMadrak: There is always the temptation to brick up with Long Riders and pMadrak but this is really not the most ideal setup for them. However, as a flanking element complimenting a beast brick they can be all stars. The only real concern I have for them is they can easily outpace our brick and expose themselves too early. So, without having a tar pit infantry our forces need to hit the lines at the same time as the beast brick or or after otherwise they risk getting charged first or shot off the board too early.

eMadrak: What's not to love about this combo? Prime targets for the feat, amazing with bloodfury, and with Killing ground they can be mat 9 pow 14 weapon masters who are pathfinder. There are so many layers to this game play. Most notably though is they are the best run and engage then feat unit we have because of tall in the saddle. So use that to your advantage when considering when to feat with eMadrak. Also, ever discount how much damage Horthol and the LR's can do when Bloodfury hits the table.

pGrissel: Grissel has been talked about at length lately so I will simply highlight the little things that are effective here. The yo-yo effect is strong with this unit because they are so fast. This can be used to either bring them back to safety with hoof it or sling them even father into enemy lines. Hoof it also allows you to throw them so far up the flank it's silly. So be looking to tie down scenario points or make your opponents make the hard choices about where they advance up the board. Extra attacks are great as well. Heroic ballad gives you a lot of infantry clear when you can slam, follow up and swing twice.

eGrissel: My experience in this area is a little limited as I have only run Long Riders in the tier list. However in that capacity they are great.  Anything that can discount an already awesome and perhaps under costed unit cheaper is solid gold. With the added speed from Dash, Long Riders are made even better as well. As to tactics wit this list there's not a lot to tell. Run froward pop feat after engaging with your Kriels. Use the War wagon and Grissel to shoot things. Outside of that Grissel doesn't do much to help them out. So they just get to be the normal sweet Long Riders.

pGrim: Grim does wonders for enhancing the mobility of Long Riders through Cross Country and is probably his strongest game with them.  That and setting up a devastating post feat turn charge with them. But, having the ability to sit them on the other side of a forest or out of LOS of your opponent until the time is right is pretty awesome. They also make a really decent screening unit for Grim with their large bases.  However, look for Cross Country to be the biggest tech in his lists.

eGrim: Mortality auauaauahaahghg... Mortality makes everything gross, he just makes Long Riders Grosser-er. Also keep an eye on Mirage being really great for Disengaging them for extra charges and a faster approach when heading up field.

pDoomshaper: We've said Long Riders are pretty good with just about everyone and this is still true here with pDoomy. Fortune really makes it unlikely you'll miss that critical slam you needed or that crucial impact attack. Banishing ward can really protect them against spelly type casters such as Cryx, Menoth, and Cygar. So Doomy can help them stay on the field longer as well as do as much leg work as possible. He doesn't do a whole lot more outside of those spells and no other crazy synergy comes to mind.

eDoomshaper: eDoomy is a beast Warlock but honestly what Warlock doesn't like a little extra KD for his beasts in a list. Using them as easy ways to KD heavies, specifically the higher def heavies is perhaps the best tool I have found. It makes the need for Wild Aggression diminish a little which can help Doomy's camp on crucial turns.  They also present a really great outside threat that's still hard to remove when your opponent retaliates. He can kill you Long Riders and leave your heavies or vise verse. Either choice is pretty poor honestly.

Borka: Would you like some Knock Down with you Knock Down? Between the feat, Mosh Pit, and things like Iron Flash these guys get really amped by Borka. I love getting them the charge off with the feat making them charge 12"and really crushing the front line. Any of them that live after can get Iron Flash and be really hard to kill at 15/19. Sadly the feat doesn't work with the Long Riders slams, just the Beasts he has otherwise that would be broke as hell. Look for Knock Down really being Borka's thing with these guys and you won't be disappointed.

Jarl: Jarl's kit is fine tuned as infantry support. He does everything but give them a Mat buff but we already have that. Between Weald Secrets and Quicken Jarl can have 2 units moving up the board at def 16 against range which is pretty solid. SO he gets them there. Also, quick is so bonkers good on Long Riders. having and 18" run is some serious threat range. Combine that with a 12" charge and our Cav are coming from downtown to put the punishment on. Even Tactical Supremacy is good on these guys. Move movement is always better. The mobility is key here with Jarl. Expect to have an easier time setting up charges and slams. Also with more of your stuff making it across the board. You will have so many more options of how to use this toolbox unit.

Calandra: Another very supporty type warlock who can keep her stuff alive better as well as enhance damage during the feat. Outside of her normal tools befuddling things into good charge positions is the only real tech I have discovered with her.

Gunnbjorn: Gunny doesn't support his army like at all so using these guys with him is fine but there are no other specific strategies outside of what we already know for these guys.