05 December 2013

Table top terrain - how to make a.... House part 1

Howdy folks, Hollow Echo here. 
 I decided to do a series of articles on how to  make some terrain for the table top .  So who is ready to get  our hobby side on and build us a house..or a tavern... Ok so they sell tons of products in these cartons. Its a half-gallon  mine was dragon fruit/mango juice box. You can buy them anywhere and they all the same size. That's why they're perfect for a build like this. You can cheat and build two house put them together and now you got a long house . Or repeat with a Pint carton and make a out house ...
 Here is a list of the items you will need.
1.A half- gallon container 
2.Small Popsicle sticks 
3.Paint browns and blacks 
4.A cereal box ( or 2 ) 
5.Glue ( craft or wood) 
6.White or textured spray paint
7.Graph paper 
8.A figure ( for size ) 
9.A pair of scissors 
10.A ruler 
11.A pencil 
12. A old but goodie paint brush 

Step 1. We need to remove the bottom of the carton. Hold the carton down with one hand, lay a pencil on the table and draw around the bottom.Use a hobby knife and ruler to cut off the bottom of the carton.

Step 2. Now measure up from the bottom 3" on each side. Measure up in the middle 4 1/2" (be sure it's precisely the middle). Draw lines to form the roof peak. Draw a peak on the opposite side of the carton as well.

Step 3. Cut out the carton using a hobby knife and a ruler. 


Step 4: Most cartons have a waxy coated outside. You can paint on it, but the paint will scrape off. I suggest you spray paint the outside white. Spray paint sticks much better.

When dry, paint the whole thing a cream or off white color. If you intend to make a whole village, you might buy a can of off white or textured spray paint.

Step 5:
 To make the door, take another group of Popsicle sticks and line them up . We'll only be using 5  to make the door. Glue them  to piece of mate board. let them dry then cut them to fit. Paint the door the same as the rest of the wood. For the rivets or nails I used a push pin. I clipped the head off and glued into place.

Step 6: Grab your brown paint, paint the corners of the house. This will help hide the gaps between the corner beams.

Glue the popsicles shown onto the outside of the house. The ones around the door and at the bottom will need to be cut to size. The ones at the top will need to be cut at an angle so the roof will fit.
Well that's a good stopping point next time we will finish the roof and work on the windows.. 
Have fun!
Hollow Echo



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