24 September 2012

Dire Brackets Winners

The Dire Brackets have finally come to a close.  With the dust settling the battles have been furious but Jarl reigns victorious. 

Dire Brackets Winner ~ Uncle Biggins & Largi $15 at Discount Games Inc.
Dire Brackets Pickem ~ Phreaker $50 coupon (purchase of $100 or more) at Battlefoam's Online Store
Random Winner ~ ToughRolls  Trollbloods foam topper
Random Winner ~ Ogrob  Trollbloods foam topper
Random Winner ~ The Happy Anarchist  $15 at Discount Games Inc.
Random Winner ~ Rham7649  $15 at Discount Games Inc.

 Winners will receive email notification shortly on how to claim their prizes.   A big giant Thank You to Everyone who participated. 

Stay Tuned for the painting competition that we most likely will call, "They're Whelps Jim."

18 September 2012

List Creation Process and Tournament Performance - The Basics


  I have been really busy with current painting projects, that I haven't had a chance to actually write something for the Scrum; Even though my page is part of the Scrum. I just want to take a small break from writing painting articles, and try a different variety.

  I also saw that Removed From Play did a podcast with a section on this similar topic. I haven't had a chance to listen to it, but I don't want to intentionally steal their thunder. This is something that I feel inspired to write.

  Recently, I played in the largest tournament that Utah has to offer, the Intermountain Cup. I prepared a few lists, but had little time to play them all thoroughly, due to a busy work schedule. It was a full house! I believe there were 35 people at this tournament, and all the factions were represented except for minions and mercs (oh and please correct me if I am wrong). My only complaint that I had at the tournament was, that there were no chairs for the main tables. For those who don't know, I totally destroyed my knee when I lived in Switzerland, and it has never been the same. Anyway, I didn't do very well in the tourney, as I went 2-3 for the day. There were times of frustration, and also down right anger. I made a lot of mistakes, and thinking on it now my behavior was not at my best. My learning experience was not deterred, and I still had a lot of fun playing one of my favorite games.

Yeah....this was my inner dialog after game 2

17 September 2012

IKRPG Scrum Campaign ~ Weigh Station

Read all about how they almost got themselves killed... twice without facing an acutal enemy HERE.

11 September 2012

IKRPG Scrum Campaign Character Sheets

Our level 0 begginning party for the Scrum Campaing can be found at the link below


Stay Tuned for a preview of their first encounter as a new team for the Mercenary Group known as the CVI.

10 September 2012

08 September 2012

Beyond Thornwood ~ IKRPG Page

We have several different groups starting in the new IKRPG, so we have setup a page to track progress and read about our characters and their adventures.  The first adventure kicks off tonight as our group is hired by a firey Ordic Pistoleer named Emmy.

The new site will have character sheets, jack sheets, homebrew stuff and much more and can be accessed from the top of our page.

IKRPGers stay tuned, we will do our best to provide good stories, good characters and resources.  For now, go check out what Emmy has in store for our new adventurers.  http://scrumrpg.trollbloodscrum.com/

05 September 2012

Scrum Dice & Patches ~ Update

All dice and patches have been sent as of today (sorry for the delay)

Pocast and paint donations are in progess.

Donations have been great folks we are at 72% of our goal.

There are a few sets of dice left and a handful of patches please help us get our remaining 260.

04 September 2012

State of The Scrum

State of the Scrum 
Well, The Scrum has taken on some really awesome and monumental tasks lately and it has been a little quiet on the posting side so I figured I would come in with a state of address essentially and let everyone know where we are at.

Dire Brackets - 
With 2 matches left Dire Brackets was a lot of fun but it overall wasn't a success.  Rounding people up to complete matches and fill all the available slots for the tourney was difficult.  And, while I'm sure all participating had a good time, I feel like the format was fun the first few times but we need to move on.  Dire Brackets will likely be expanded the next time around to include other factions.  So stay tuned for a new and exciting bracket in the future!

The Scrumcast - 
The amount of auditions we received for the Scrumcast were few and after talking about it, TheGreatBlah and myself have decided perhaps to wait on adding more folks to the cast as the response was lukewarm at best.  We will be having more of our UK Troll Bakaryu again as our schedules have aligned again and we will be able to include him on the podcast again.  In the future however we definitely want to have another voice with us, but right now we just aren't certain who that voice should be.  Stay tuned for our next podcast where we talk about the IKRPG and some special plans for it!

Duelcon - 
Well, it's been settled and I am going to Duelcon.  We received enough donations for me to have my flight and accommodations covered.  As part of the last stretch however we are trying to cover the flight for Slap Happy Sid so we can have some painting representation at Duelcon as well as some Tournament representation.  Expect updates and leaks and anything cool we see on my twitter feed as well as on the blog. So, keep those donations coming folks.  We want to paint your stuff, give you dice and patches, and soon t-shirts so we can send Sid to Duelcon with me!