The Blitzer is a bit of an anomaly in the dire troll stable. He doesn’t hit as hard as the Mauler, EBTD or Mulg and has less reliable shooting then the Bomber. Many often question his value at 9 points, arguing that it’s better to pay the 1 point more for the Bomber and well, most of the time, they’re probably right however, the Blitzer does have a role and he does offer a number of things to a troll player that are otherwise not available. Lets go through them:

The support caster’s best friend:

The Blitzer has an award winning yet often overlooked Animus, while he can use it on himself (more on that later) handing your caster the ability to extract himself from combat is not to be overlooked. Granted you can argue that he should never have been there in the first place but it happens and when it does, having a Blitzer on the board helps.