29 July 2009

Calandra suffers from a Nightmare

Calandra woke up in a cold sweat, not a good sign the morning before a battle. She shook it off and went through her morning routine, consulting her cards after freshening up. She had many different ways of predicting the future, in her mind they all aided her in the same way. She would know what was coming so she could manipulate the odds in her favor.

We rolled random at the start of our game to determine game size and we rolled 750 which ended up pitting Calandra vs Mortenebra.

My List
Calandra Truthsayer, Oracle of the Glimmerwood
Dire Troll Mauler
Fell Caller
Trollkin Hero
Trollkin Hero
Wrong Eye
> Snapjaw
Kriel Warriors [9] (3 added)
> Kriel Warrior Standard & Piper [2]
Krielstone Bearer & Stone Scribes [6] (2 added)
> Stone Scribe Elder [1]
Swamp Gobber Bellows Crew [2]
Trollkin Champions [5]
Trollkin Scattergunners [6] (0 added)

His List looked something like this
Master Necrotech Mortenebra
> Deryliss
> Cankerworm
> Defiler
> Defiler
> Deathjack
> Nightmare
Scrap Thrall
Orin Midwinter, Rogue Inquisitor
Bane Thralls [6] (0 added)
Withershadow Combine [3]

Our map had two small raised areas in front of our deployment zones on my left side of the board, a small pond in the middle and a forest up right side middle. He rolled highest and opted to go first.

After seeing the Cryxian army advance, Calandra got goose bumps while looking at the big Cryxian jacks. One of them moved unerringly towards her, the other big jack went for her Champions. Sensing the imminent danger she used her abilities to make her army tougher than normal. "That should do the trick," she mumbled, "If those jacks get too dangerous we will survive and destroy them."

Cryx -
He spread out with his caster on my left with the Cankerworm and Deathjack, putting his Combine, Biles and Nightmare up the middle.
Trolls - I spread my Kriels out to the right with my Champs and Heros left leaving Wrongeye, the Mauler, KSB and Calandra in the middle.

Turn 1
Cryx - He advances his whole army forward with the Deathjack on my left and the Nightmare in the middle.
Trolls - My Kriels run forward and cover the middle of the board. The Champs run toward the Deathjack, one Hero back on each side of their flank. The rest of my army moves up the middle, Caladra behind Wrongeye and Snapjaw she feats casts star crossed and puts the rest of the fury on the stone that puts up the no continuous effects aura, the Nightmare moves up.

Turn 2
Cryx -
The Deathjack moves into the Champions killing the first one in one hit, he rolls a one on his tough check and dies, the Nightmare moves up. The Deathjack hits a second Champ who also dies horribly rolling a one on his tough check. The Cankerworm moves up on the Hero hitting it for three damage, he counterstrikes hitting it for twelve damage. The Nightmare moves up and barely gets Calandra in range, he hits her for eighteen damage in one hit, she rolls tough, he hits her again for three damage, she rolls a one on tough and dies horribly.

Laying in a pool of her own blood Calandra wondered why she hadn't forseen her own death. She had always been able to see glimses of the future of everyone around her but never her own. As she coughed up blood she watched the Nightmarish jack move on to another of her Kith and Kriel, she closed her eyes and began to fade from the world of the living... Calandra woke up in a cold sweat, not a good sign the morning before a battle...

Synopsis - such is the nature of tough that I fail three out four tough checks when anything but a one or two will save me.

21 July 2009

Big SLC Tourney

She looks like a Troll right?...

So a few of us from Logan went to SLC for a big tournament. I took my Trolls, McCryx came with Cryx of course, and as expected Cygnar Brian brought Cygnar. We played a Steamroller4 format and had four rounds.

It started off great for Trolls, I managed to roll over my first opponent who brought the new Skorne caster. It was a great game and the new Skorne caster is awesome, I managed to overwhelm his flank with my Longriders and Grissels feat ate up Molik Karn with Champs giving them a lane through his Shaman and then into his Krea and caster. VP of the Round, Champs for sure killing three times their points to bring.

Second round went badly but Grissel managed to squeeze one out by getting some extra fury from a dieing beast. Making Terminus fail his assasination run and dieing with a Mauler in his back. VP Grissel for being tough as nails.

Third round was epic, it was against Saeryn with Typhon and all that Legion crap. I brought Caladanra and a mess of troops and it was spectacualar. Giving and taking dice from Legion kept alot of my stuff alive much longer than it should have been. My minimum unit of Scattergunners did an awesome job of clearing out his swordsmen. I rerolled a hit against Typhon with my Impaler hoping for a crit slam that would have devastated him and probably won me the game. Instead he was able to clear a lane with a lucky throw distance roll of six from Typhon, which he needed a six to hit Calandra and knock her down. Close game and I don't think he expected Trolls to give him so much trouble. VP Scattergunners.

Fourth Round was against eGoreshade, the air was let out of my sails when Grissels first longrider died to a countercharge on my first turn. He outplayed me in everyway, and my list ditch effort to toss a hero into his caster failed from another countercharge taking out the Maulers Spirit and the Pyre missing a throw. VP Slag Troll for actually killing something.

Wins - Terminus and Mordikarr
Loss - Saeryn and eGoreshade

Fun tourney and it was nice to play some other people, I learned a few tweeks for my lists and also learned that I missed rMadrak horribly in Steamroller4.

Skapples 500points Tourney Sunday 7/26

Skapples 350MM T&C tourney went off last week with a bang.

Caleb - Cryx
David - Menoth
James - Legion
Jon - Menoth

They will be hosting a 500pt tourney this Sunday at noon. Due to a big tourney down in SLC I have no energy for battle reports but I will for sure write one for Wednesday nights game.

10 July 2009

Phoenix Games Random 350,500,750 Tourney 07/22/09

Three armies 350, 500, 750 (350 is not MM/T&C) diff caster each army, all same faction. Game size will be determined after you and your opponent get paired up. Each round is a random game size per table.

Entry, Prizes and Official rules will be posted Monday.

Summer Rampage Kickoff. You Got Paint Skills? ~Updated~

For anyone interested whether you play Warmachine or not, to kick off Summer Rampage, we will be having a Painting competition. There will be two categories. Best Paint for an un-modded fig and Best Paint for a modded fig.

Entry will be $3 per fig and your submission (or the beginnings of it rather) will need to be shown to myself by July 31st. The fig does not have to be your own, but you must do all the work yourself.

Winnings for each category will be
1st Place 70% of entries
2nd Place 30% of entries.

Judging by Myself, Paul and Marie.

06 July 2009

Escalation Round 3

Watching the Cryxian army burn the supply cache made Grissel feel tired. Her voice rang out clear in the night, "We ride for home with haste, it is time to leave this area and avoid any unnecessary loss." Grissel knew they moved too slowly, even as they passed the same hill she fought on earlier they Cryxian army was already poised to engage her. Her forces looked tired and beaten so she lifted up her voice in song to warm their hearts and renew their minds. As she did so a familiar face appeared to her from the dark of night, it was the Hero that had fought along her side, sharing tankards of ale and the glory of battle. "I could not stay away from you lady," the Hero boasted, "I have convinced a unit of my brethen along with another Hero to join with me in bringing you whatever assistance we may." Grissel's weariness faded upon seeing him and almost she reached out to grasp him, but then thoughts of her fallen partner washed it all away. Still, this Hero was persistant, and handsome...

His Army (I think)
Army Points: 748

Wraith Witch Deneghra 87
Cankerworm 75
Nightmare 121
Deathripper 38
Deathripper 38
Pistol Wraith 33
Bane Lord Tartarus 40
Bane Thralls (13 pts.) 82
Bane Knights (12 pts.) 75
Withershadow Combine 70
Revenant Cannon Crew 32
Bile Thralls (6 pts.) 41
Skarlock 16

My Army
Army Points: 751

Grissel Bloodsong 70
Pyre Troll 68
Slag Troll 70
Dire Troll Mauler 111
Horthol 66
Trollkin Long Riders (26 pts.) 113
Trollkin Champions 106
Trollkin Hero 38
Trollkin Hero 38
Fell Caller 35
Stone Scribe Chronicler 19
Swamp Gobber Bellows Crew 15

We rolled the same stinking map that I had in round one. He rolled highest and opted to deploy first.

Denny - He put his Bane Knights on my far left with Tartarus and an Arcnode. Nightmare, Denny, Combine and Thralls in the middle. Biles on my right. Cankerworm on the backside of the hill.
Trolls - I deployed my whole army on my right side putting, Grissel and the two light beasts behind the forest with the Champs and Heros in front of them, Horthol on my right edge, the LR from the forest towards the middle with the Mauler. Fel Caller and Chronicler with Grissel.

Turn 1
Denny - He began with a cautious advance moving forward with just about everything, his middle group with caster came towards me around the hill and the BK moved to flank going around the other side of the hill. Cankerworm postures around the hill a little getting a better position.
Trolls - I ran my LR about 12" forward and around the hill, Horthol followed suit going right up the sideline. The Mauler did a full run, Fel Caller moved around to the sideline and hit the Champs with Pathfinder who ran forward 10 with a Hero going around either side of the forest Chronicler in tow. Grissel and the Lights went right into the forest.

"We will crush them and raise their bones to fill our ranks," Deneghra smiled. The Nightmare next to her seemed to itch for action, "you may have the Troll Witch, when you are done with her we will crush her bones to dust," Deneghra's gift to the Nightmare sent it so focused on Grissel that she could almost see the reflection of the Troll in its eyes.

Turn 2
Denny -
He advances again taking a fruitless pot shot with his cannon. Bane Knights run around the hill some more with the Pistol Wraith in tow. Biles move to get into position to purge while Bane Thralls move to intercept up the middle. One arcnode moves up and he tries a spell that ends up being short of the LR by about 1/2 an inch. The Nightmare also takes a point spot to countercharge and the combine takes up positions in front of Denny and the Skarloc a little more towards my right side of the board. Cankerworm postures around the hill a little getting a better position... again.
Trolls - Grissel moves out of the forest and Hoofs the LR. The LR the go their 21" getting all the Biles engaged as well as both his arcnodes. The Mauler moves up to counter charge and the Champs run again 10" nearly getting into melee. Chronicler hit them with Chapter 1 after going up the sideline. Horthol runs left a little in hopes of getting in the Nightmares way. Light Beasts block lanes to Grissel along with the Fel Caller.

Turn 3
Denny -
He proceeds to toast all the LR he can killing the two by his nodes with the Cankerworm and the Nightmare, his Bane Thralls go after the LR to no avail the skarlock activates and we measure to see if he in rage of a LR, he is and takes a free strike death for trying to move. Two of the combine move in on a LR doing some damage but not killing it. The BaneKnights decide to run over the hill finding themselves out of position with the Pistol wraith in tow. Denny does some stuff but rolls horribly and misses on the offensive, the last combine member covers her flank.
Trolls - Grissel moves up and feats then shoots at an arcnode for no damage. Champs run up into his front line attacking an arcnode killing it and a few Biles. Slag Troll moves up and shoots at the Arcnode missing it, forces for his ability casts his animus on a LR and hoofs into the Nightmare. One Hero charges left to the other arcnode taking out the node while the other charges some Biles on the right killing three. The LR move in on the Thralls killing all but two of them. Pyre Troll lobs a shot at the Combine hitting them for a few damage. Horthol charges the arcnode with the Hero by it and finishes is then Hoofs it to flank Denny on my left.

"Her best becomes my best," Deneghra began to cackle as sparks of darkness began to flow from her to the Champions. Their eyes glazed over and as one they turned their axes towards Grissel.

Turn 4
Denny -
Denny moves up and feats getting my whole army, then takes over my Champs. the Nightmare hurts the Slag for about half his life taking about a dozen damage for the trouble. Tartarus finishes off a LR who tough rolls hurting Tartarus for five, he hits him again killing himself because the LR tough rolled again. Bane Thralls move in and finish off the remaining LR but one remains due to tough. Knights take out the Hero on the Left but cannot get much else done because the cannot recieve the run order Pistol Wraith takes a few shots at Grissel doing a little damage and missing an attack. Combine snake eyes a magic attack on Horthol and position in front of Denny. Cankerworm moves in on the Fel Caller kills it and moves away. All in all two good feat turns. Though his seems better since he left me with very little and had a fresh unit of Champs.
Trolls - Mauler hits the Slag with rage and stands there due to Denny's feat. The last two LR kill the last Thrall. The best part about this turn was the Slag who two Hand throws the Nightmare at Denny boosting to hitting hurting her and killing two of the three Combine along with boosted damage on the Nightmare to finish it as well. Too bad the last combine member was still alive because he keeps my Champs for free because of him. Grissel Cachophony's again keeping the Knights away for one more turn.

Turn 5
Denny -
He moves my Champs in on the Mauler getting two of them in range of Grissel. She then has to push damage twice onto the Pyre Troll. Pistol Wraith finishes off the Pyre Troll. Banes move in on the Mauler but are unable to get close enough. The last combine member moves back out of the way so he can upkeep the spell for free to keep my Champs. Denny kills the last two longriders two more times but they keep tough rolling and one of them lives to talk about it. Cankerworm moves up and finishes off the Slag Troll easily taking a few damage for it.

Seeing the Valor of the Slag Troll, the Hero looked over the battle field. It was not looking good at all. He glared at the Cryxian Witch and saw Horthol bravely taking a sword to his side as he charge passed a Cryxian and into the caster. Grissel called a song to him filling him with renewed strength and bravery as he charged the witch himself. He would show Grissel why she needed him, even if she did not think she needed another mate.

Trolls - It appears I am done, with my Champs about to kill Grissel and his Cankerworm able to help if needed I decide to go for it. Grissel Heroic Ballads the Hero who Charges Denny through a gap but the Hero misses two of three attacks. The Mauler takes two Free Strikes from Champs to get close enough to Horthol to use Rage on him. Horthol then Charges Denny taking a free strike from the last combine member taking seven damage, eight damage would have unhorsed him giving him only one attack on Denny. Horthols Mount Crits to knock Denny down and hurts her good, he follows up and mashes her in the head ending the game.

After the Cryxian witch was crushed between Horthol and himself, the Hero clasped hands with the Lonrider Champion, "it is an honor to taste the blood of our enemies with you," Horthol bowed in his saddle as he praised the Hero. Ashamed at Horthols words he turned to see Grissel approach, "It seems I owe you yet another drink," Grissel nodded to Horthol and even winked at the Hero. No matter if she returned his affection the Hero knew he was Grissel's man to the end.

A lucky streak was with me this tournament for sure, I think I got outplayed in every game. Also, I hate CRYX!!!