17 November 2010

Skaldi Bonehammer

I just gotta say, Trolls have the coolest sculpts.  Check out the latest in their complete line of awesome with Skaldi Bonehammer on the Privateer Press front page.

"The mighty Trollkin warrior Skaldi Bonehammer is a champion among the champions of the bitter North, his thirst for glory and carnage an infectious tide that spreads like wildfire among the Trollkin he leads. His thirst for battle is legendary, and his relentless fighting style combines bone-cracking strength and a fearsome swiftness that leaves allies in awe and enemies broken and bleeding."

09 November 2010

Not a Bad Holiday Deal from PP

Just saw this on the PP Store website.  Not a bad place to start if you are thinking about Trolls.  Take a peek HERE and see what you think. They actually have one for each army.

At first glance it appears the savings are around 20-40 bucks, which isn't too bad when you're getting stuff that will get a lot of use.  Unless you hate Scattergunners, but then depending on who you ask, I love the SG so methinks its a good deal.