20 March 2010

Nightfall Unique Model(s) breakdown vs Trolls

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This is a completely theorymachined article analyzing our opponents models for the league, and the implications of said models.If you have your own theory machine, it is fully welcome. If you have actual experience, even better.

Everblight – Nephelim Warder
Gains – 10" Lamentation Animus, Magic Weapon, Blessed Weapon, Force Barrier
Loses – 1 POW, Massacre animus, 1 DEF
Replacement effect: Minimal. It can fulfill an almost identical role if necessary. The main difference is the loss of Massacre.
Likelyhood of use: Very high. Who doesn’t want lamentation? Additionally, its more resilient to ranged attacks and is nearly as potent in combat, more so against defensively buffed models.
Fighting it: Almost exactly the same. Luckily we rely much more on melee than most, so Force Barrier means nothing. That said, Lamentation crushes some of out better casters, so expect to have to kill this sooner rather than later. The 10” range should mean that you can get to it rather easily. If its on a caster, like, say, eThagrosh, it will be a much greater problem, and you will have to just deal. Mulg to strip the animus away might be a good option, and other than that Grim or either Madrak don’t usually cast all that much.

16 March 2010

Eric the Red

For a long time now I have been creating short pieces of fluff about some of my models.  Like my  tribe of Pygmies and their Blitzer they take care of.  One of those pieces of fluff that has emerged in my battle reports is about one certain Hero, "who until recently had not yet been named' and his seemingly futile efforts to get the attention of Grissel.  So without further ado, here is my newest painted model and some fluff on where he came from.


(Excerpt from the writings of the Privateer Press book, 'Metamorphosis')
For hours he held his ground until the very earth was soaked with the blood of their dead. I lost count of how many fell before they ended him.
~Helgin Kith Elder Bortas, after fighting in the Thornwood

08 March 2010

Player Spotlight ~ Goran75

Known to us on the PP forums as Goran75 he is a painter extraordinaire and of course awesome because he plays Trolls.  I sent him a small handful of questions and here are his responses.

Q. How long have you played WM/Hordes, and what got you started?
A. Been playing about 3 times a month for two years or so. Before that I was a 40k fiend (black Templars, Eldar). unfortunately, lately, I have been going through chemo to kick rectal cancer in the *** (eh, get it, subtle humor that). so sadly, I dont have the umph to game at the moment, somedays watching TV is taxing. dont worry this phase is just about over.

07 March 2010

Resurgence @ Phoenix Games

Saturday April 24th @ Phoenix Games and Comics Phone: 752-6648
.  Three army lists required 25, 35 and 50pt levels.
See Resurgence Rules packet HERE for all the details

Prize pins, best Warmachine Faction pins, and other prizes awarded.
Sign up at Phoenix Games. All lists must be turned in prior to the event start time.
Hordes Players will follow the same upgrade Rules for Character Beasts and Epic Casters
(Hordes rules still being finalized as this is a Warmachine Tourney)
Contact the Press Ganger for questions.

03 March 2010

eDoomy vs Reznik

Last night I faced off againt Menoth in a 35 pt battle.  It was fairly one sided and standard, but a text book example of how Mulg still eats face.
Points: 35
Hoarluk Doomshaper, Rage of Dhunia (*6pts)
* Troll Axer (6pts)
* Earthborn Dire Troll (10pts)
* Mulg the Ancient (12pts)
Farrow Bone Grinders (Leader and 3 Grunts) (2pts)
Kriel Warriors (Leader and 5 Grunts) (4pts)
* Kriel Warrior Standard Bearer & Piper (2pts)
Swamp Gobber Bellows Crew (Leader and 1 Grunt) (1pts)
Saxon Orrik (2pts)
Stone Scibe Chronicler (2pts)