30 May 2012

The Scrum Painting Challenge Week 19

Well folks, it has been 19 long weeks and I have 12 people who have completed the Challenge.  Below are their Forum and real names so you guys can recognize and give them praise.

Patrick Burdine - Somnicide
Brian D - Phreaker187
Justin Crockett - JustINCREDIBLE85
Kevin Cornell - Kamahin
Seth Peterson - Noghannan
James Stevenson - Ikras
Sheridan Plunket - s0ule55
Andrew DuPuis - JackTesla
Chris Suhre - Dvader
Rimantas Černiauskas - Batma
(These 2 Jerks haven't given me their names)
Robert Lawson - Lawso42

Lock and Load Finishing Touches!

 Sid has put some finishing touches on his trollbloods, and is ready to smash some face at Lock and Load!

28 May 2012

Extreme Rok...ready for Lock & Load!

Knowing the field will be tough at Lock & Load Masters, I wanted to make sure my modified Rok was ready for the battle.  Afterall, Mulg can only make one list...

It's an Extreme Dire Troll Mauler kit with modified pose/epoxy fill as needed. 

And the finished product:

I thought Rok should be an icy B.M. (Berserking Mauler), thus the crystalline rocky protuberances.  He's poised to throw an upper-cut.  The lower jaw tusks are from the Extreme's mouth.  My Rok uses all the parts of the Rok upgrade kit, I installed the small-ish mandibular teeth of the Rok kit inside the body cavity, just in case.

The only regret I have is I didn't modify his belly for more of a rounded gut.  I guess I'm stuck with the post 12-step Rok, i.e. really amped and ready to guzzle anything, even if it's only Khadorians with a blood alcohol content of  ~.10

See you at Lock & Load!
Here's hoping there's a Stormwall or two to get that axe into!

27 May 2012

ScrumCast Episode 8

We're Locked and Loaded, listen on for this Lock and Load Primer with a few small goodies for some select few attendees that play games against us.

Go listen on our SrumCast page HERE

24 May 2012

Baka's Road to Lock and Load

Its been a long year, and one where I have at times had to live like a hermit, but roughly one month ago I was finally able to punch the sky and relax, it was official... BakaRyu is coming to Lock and Load!

That's right, coming to a Seattle near you from all the way across the Atlantic Ocean is one borderline sane Welshman determined to sample the American con and tourney scene at least once in his lifetime, and he figured that if he was going to pick any event, he might as well make it PP's very own con.

Having been kindly put up by Goris for a few days before the con to allow myself to get over any jet lag that I might be experiencing has allowed me to concentrate on coming to the tournaments in what will hopefully be my best form.  Those who will be interested, I shall be participating in the Masters preliminaries on the Friday, and should I fail to qualify for the finals (hopefully this won't be the case) then I shall be joining up with Goris and thegreatblah for the 3 Commanders team tournament on the Sunday.

I have picked a couple of the seminars on the Saturday in what will hopefully be a slightly more relaxed gap in the competitive tournament play, but that will not stop me from attacking the Iron Arena in my free time, especially if any new Retribution goodies are available early at the PP Store.

For the longest time I agonised for months about if I would take Trollbloods or Retribution to not only Lock and Load, but the other major tournaments for me this year (Welsh Open and UK Masters).  Eventually I settled on taking the angry elves, though if the Storm Troll and Sons of Bragg were already available then more than likely I would have taken the Trollbloods instead.

The Welsh Open is viewed as the main warm up tournament for the UK Masters, though due to the Masters being held one week early (due to the Queen's Jubilee) lists had to be submitted the day before the Welsh Open started so any last minute changes were impossible.  Regrettably I didn't have one of my better tournaments, in fact the 33rd place (out of 62) finish was my lowest tournament finish in years, though I made some basic schoolboy errors that ultimately cost me my opening two matches, mistakes that hopefully I have learned from and will not repeat on the big stage at the Masters.

Anyways this was originally a simple blog post to announce that I will be at Lock and Load and has turned into something a little bigger so I will end it here.  Hopefully I shall see you in Seattle!  Just look for the guy in the tacky orange bowler shirt with long hair and a funny accent and you won't go far wrong :)

22 May 2012

The Scrum Painting Challenge Week 18

Sorry once again folks for the delay, being sick and feeling the painting Crunch has really backed up my posting.  But I shall now spew forth glory upon the internet in the form of other people's painted models.

~Speculation~ Grim Angus, Warcaster Hunter

Grim longs for peace, the ability to settle down and hunt game and a place to call home.  Circumstance is cruel though and require Grim's talents be used to protect the Trollblood nation.   Grim's outlook is simple and methodical.  He sees a task needing completion and he takes the straightest path to achieving victory.  Honing his considerable skills as a hunter and tracker Grim continues to excel in tracking down the elusive prey.  The Trollbloods plight for a home has Grim tracking more dangerous foes, more often than not these foes are human warcaster.  Ever the effecient hunter Grim continues to find ways to elimate these deadly foes with an effeciency that is unmatched.

Grim's hatred for humans burns in him and drives him to succeed.  It also threatens to consume him, he already feels himself slipping away and becoming unfeeling.   Unwittingly he balances this by attracting the outcast Trollkin, even Mercenaries and Minions that don't fit in anywhere else seem to be fighting for Grim Angus.  Noral Stonemapper being cheif among them, these cast aways only barely tolerated elsewhere find themselves achieving above and beyond expectations under the patient guiding hand of Grim Angus.

Grim has no patience for intrigue or politics, he simply cuts right to the point to finish the job.

18 May 2012

Lock and Load vs Trollbloodscrum

So there will be a small handful of us from the Scrum up at Lock and Load and we want to meet you.  Specifically, we want to pit our armies against yours in glorious battle.   So if you are at Lock and Load, Look for the Rusty Orange Bowling shirt guys and come play a game with us... there might be something in it for you if you do.

14 May 2012

The Scrum Painting Challenge Week 17

Only 3 weeks left in our Challenge.  Lock and Load looms and so many models have been painted.  Feast your eyes folks on our completed lot this week.

06 May 2012

The Scrum Painting Challenge Week 16

Well folks week 16 has come and passed and another batch of painted models were dumped into my inbox.  I've also received another tutorial from Zreef detailing how he does his fire and ice bases.  That will hit sometime this week.  In the meantime, enjoy these painted models!