30 December 2010

Clandra & Cryx

Calandra and Cryx
by Sevwall

There has been some discussions recently on how to handle Cryxian opponents. Cryx is arguably one of, if not the most threatening factions you can face, especially in a tournament environment. I personally find that Calandra is one of the best casters you can take to hamper cryx on a turn by turn basis. This article was written to convey the knowledge and strategies that I have learned to you. Hopefully it may help some of you, and if not, maybe it made you think a little. This whole article is based on months of tourney experiences. If you believe that this renders the article anecdotal or without merit, please feel free to read the article, but avoid making comments of that nature. Any helpful criticism or advice is fine. If you don’t feel that you understand Calandra very well, or want to know where I’m coming from with this advice, please feel free to read my article on Calandra to see where I’m coming from.

23 December 2010

Christmas Painting Exchange II

Last year it was a big hit so we did another one.  Excuse the picture all we had at the time was a phone to take the photo with.  Yeap those are pink skinned Gobbers with a pink rimmed base.  Enjoy

20 December 2010

Crushing Crescendo: A Grissel Guide

Crushing Crescendo: A Grissel Guide
by Saerko

When I first picked up my friend’s copy of Primal to see about this “Hordes” jive he was spewing, I was having a hard time deciding what faction to play. I hate elves, so Legion was out immediately, and Circle was never going to fit my aggressive, melee-oriented playstyle. So it came down to Skorne and Trollbloods, and I was on the verge of picking up a Skorne army when I leafed through the Trollblood section again and decided to take a look at Grissel Bloodsong a little bit closer.

There was no turning back.

“Why” you might ask, is Grissel that great? The answer is that Grissel can do everything. With melee ability only out-stripped by Borka and Madrak, support abilities equivalent to anything Calandra, Grim, or Doomshaper can bring to the table, a killer feat, a spell list to die for and denial usually reserved for Cryxian warcasters, there’s no list she can face that she doesn’t have an answer for. If some warcasters/warlocks can be thought of as Swiss Army Knives, she’s a fully loaded Leatherman. She has so much potential, I didn’t really feel up to the task of writing this guide, but I’m going for it anyway and hoping I can give you a glimpse at how I use her. This guide will by no means be exhaustive--it’s a starting point and you’ll have to take it from there.

Crushing Crescendo: A Grissel Guide List Making & Tiers

Crushing Crescendo: A Grissel Guide 
List Making & Tiers
by Saerko

List Building

I play most of my games at 35 and 50 points, so this section of the guide will focus on those two point levels. Rather than cover every single list you could possibly make (there are lots), I’ll just introduce the reader (you) to some of my favorites, say why I think they’re awesome, and also go into an in-depth analysis of her Theme list and the benefits gained at each Tier. I’ve got quite a bit of time in using her with her Theme and and without, and have won several tournaments with the ones I’m going to post. Each list does have weaknesses though, and it’s important to identify other warlocks or build lists to combat those weaknesses when noted, so that you don’t run up against a bad match-up and feel like you’re running uphill.

19 December 2010

13 Pyre Trolls ~ Scrolle Monster

Next in my line of Pyre Trolls, this guy has been named by my 4 year old son.  The Scrolle Monster... yeah I don't know either.  Seeing the most wear and tear due to the fact that he has adorned my son's book shelf for the last six months.   Here you have him the Scrolle Monster (and  yes I know I need a lightbox)

Original Paint by Smurfs, scratch and dents by Charlie.

11 December 2010

Hoarluk Doomshaper, Shaman of the Gnarls vs Goreshade the Bastard

Hoarluk Doomshaper buzzed through his small army like an angry wasp.  "Human's only get worse when they die," he muttered to himself drawing a guffaw from Skaldi.  Skaldi irritated him but Doomshaper let the irritation slide, he owed Borka and Skaldi made even his Champions look like greenhorns.  Hoarluk never had any problems getting the respect owed him by his station but Skaldi possessed the same ability that Borka posses that seemed to elude himself.  The Kriel all liked Skaldi and wanted to fight with him not for him.  It suited Doomshaper's needs to have him anyway.  Janissa was a new addition to his current force, she neither did what Hoarluk said nor did she defy him in any way.  Almost as irritating as Grissel in her ability to think herself always correct.  Again he let the irritation slide as he looked at his undead foe's across the field, he would need her abilities... Dhunia help him, because she had clearly blessed her.  Now to the task at hand as he turned to Skaldi and Janissa he said, "cush their bones to dust and make it so they lie there permanently."  Janissa nodded curtly ready to go.  Skaldi put down his keg and each of the Champions with him quietly put in a large mug.  They each drank silently and on cue began a ear splitting warcry as the undead army advanced toward them.

08 December 2010

Captain Harmek Ironfist

Captain Harmek Ironfist.
  ~Iron and Flesh, blood and gears, they all fall when Dire Trolls and Warjacks walk side by side.
Born an albino among his kith in the Thornwood , Harmek was destined to be a sorcerer among his people.  Someone should have told this to Harmek.  Smaller than the average Trollkin he set out daily to prove himself a warrior watching and training with a local Hero all the while ignoring his sorcerous ability.  Soon a door opened for him to hone his skills as a warrior when Greygore Boomhowler came through the Thornwood collecting fresh recruits.  
Life as a mercenary took to Harmek well as he learned to contract work for the Humans.  As Harmek’s name grew, so did Greygore’s dislike of Harmek.  Greygore continually put Harmek into harm’s way, hoping, but to no avail.  Greygore finally rid himself of Harmek by sending him off on a job on small privateer vessel  for a Captain Linas Smalls while the rest of the band left for Khador without telling Harmek.  Determined to complete the job Greygore abandoned he soon found himself sailing along the coasts from Cygnar to Ord protecting Captain Small’s wares… old warjacks.

Epic Hoarluk Doomshaper, Rage of Dhunia - a Guide to our Dire troll warlock

Hoarluk Doomshaper, Rage of Dhunia - Trollblood Trollkin Epic Warlock

by Gython

Epic Doomshaper is THE Trollbloods ultimate dire troll warlock. With his feat & spells, he is our prime delivery system of massive muscle, tooth and claw. He is a warlock who requires a bit of set up and positioning to be played effectively, but if done right your opponent's large and/or juicy targets will feel the full brunt of your dires.
Orange: Very VERY GOOD
Black: Average, for eDoomy's purposes anyway

Epic Doomshaper's stats won't be winning him any awards, by far. All of his stats are below average except for his FURY of 7. He has sub-par defense, only one more that the majority of the rest of our army's Def. His ARM isn't great either, the same as our Kriel warriors. His CMD is poor and his health boxes are a little below average as well. But despair not! We aren't taking him for his stats, aside from his FURY…

Sample 35 point Edoomy list:
by Gython

Hoarluk Doomshaper, Rage of Dhunia -6
Troll Axer +6
Dire Troll Bomber +10
Earthborn Dire Troll +10
Earthborn Dire Troll +10
Trollkin Runebearer +2
Troll Whelps +2
Swamp Gobber Bellows Crew (Leader and 1 Grunt) +1

The bomber is there to explode the forward units, the axer's animus helps the EBDT's get where they need to be on feat turn. And Moses is there to put Wild agression on the second EBDT - 'nuff said!

04 December 2010

Here comes the thunder: Horthol, Long Rider Hero - A tactical treatise

By Lord Xalys

Hello there, dear community,

Since it has been a while for me writing a full tactica (starting the Retribution discussions at the faction's inception was my last endeavour), I figured I'd pick a Trollblood model I love on all fronts; looks, stats and fluff (the quote below warms my heart every time I read it): Horthol, Long Rider Hero. Of course I aim to have this thread taken up in the 'For Kith and Kriel'-sticky, so I'd better make this read worthwile for you all...

Horthol, Long Rider Hero"That one is all heart. If I put him at the front of battle, victory is certain, If I ask him to watch my faniliy, I sleep assured of their safety" -Madrak Ironhide

03 December 2010

13 Pyre Trolls ~ Intro

Due to an errant omission on Lost Hemisphere Radio, it came out that I had six painted Pyre Trolls. Yes six of them.  Thanks to that event and great postulation, a huge 'what if' scenario is becoming a reality.  In the future, probably some time after Templecon, there will be a burning brawl of firey goodness.  This brawl will be two separate models.  Captain Gunnbjorn and count em 13 Pyre Trolls.  Crazy you say, maybe, but due to the generosity of too many people (wanted or not) the Pyre Trolls keep pouring in.  In Lieu of said battle I introduce you to my first two Pyre's, the twins, Soot and Fuego.

Paint by Marie.

These were my first two Pyre's in what was a glorious time from the days of Primal when these fellas were the only non-warlock AOE in the Trollblood arsenal.  Who are the other Eleven? Six of them are painted and named, one of them is painted and awaiting a name.  Pyres Eight and Nine are awaiting assembly, and Pyre's Ten through Thirteen are not yet made known to me.  In honor of the glorious event more will be revealed including tactica, battle reports on their progress, and spectacular fails of moves.  You wanna know what Reznik thinks of Pyre Trolls... ask the last one that tossed him from relative safety over to the feet of a waiting Impaler and Calandra.

Why six Pyre Trolls you ask?  Why the heck not!!!