22 October 2010

Earthborn Gets 10!

It's been a short while from posting due to a huge paper for my last semester of school, so until my latest battle report is done it seemed prudent to at least make this announcement.

The Earthborn Dire Troll Kills Casters!!!

  • To date my opponents have fallen 62 times. 
  • 46 of my opponents losses have come from their Caster dieing horribly.
  • 10 of those Caster kills are at the hands of my Earthborn Dire Trolls, a.k.a. Cannonball & Grapeshot.
  • 22% of the time when I win by caster kill, it is at the hands of my Earthborn.
Here is my current kill list.
Warcaster/Warlock Killing Blows
  • Earthborn Dire Troll - 10
  • Dire Troll Bomber - 5
  • Grim Angus - 5  
  • Mulg, The Ancient - 5  
  • Pyg Burrowers - 4  
  • Troll Axer - 3  
  • Troll Impaler - 2 
  • Trollkin Skinner - 2  
  • Nyss Hunters - 2  
  • Trollkin Champions - 2  
  • Madrak Ironhide, Thornwood Chieftan - 1  
  • Fel Caller Hero - 1  
  • Leto, Brother of the Kriels - 1  
  • Madrak Ironhide, World Ender - 1  
  • Dire Troll Mauler - 1
  • Troll Bouncer - 1

You can see why guys at my league groan whenever I field the Earthborn, or as is usual in my case a pair of Earthborns.  Don't know how it is for other Troll players, but in my house they rule the roost.  The next closest amount of caster kills in my army is only half of what the Earthborn accomplishes.  Simply put, he has the speed and capability of destroying a caster from the safety of my backlines thanks to adaption his added speed and a buff or two.

So for the sake of repetition, I'll say it again.

The Earthborn Dire Troll Kills Casters!!!