05 February 2010

Bring the Pain!

So here is my shortlist of my new favorites in MKII. Yeah there are some other good and awesome things, Borka and Fenn Blades I'm looking at you two.

rMadrak - I have always loved him and his surefoot defense buffing goodness. Add in some Carnage and Snap fire and good gravy he is better than usual.

Grim Angus - A feat that is to die for, this Troll controls the battlefield better than he ever did in MKI. Now with the ability to grant hunter, a gun that will blow your shorts off, and a netgun that will make you wish you didn't get too close this Troll is the complete package for scenario play.

Grissel Bloodsong - What can I say, I like her. The ability to take away your enemies charge by engaging their front line first is how she delivers her Kriels. Once done with that here come Horthol and her longriders. After she helps them smash your enemies front line then move around it to keep them all engaged from behind. They now have two choices turn around to attack them exposing their flanks to Grissel and her beasts OR try to ignore the buffalo on their back and get free struck to death. Need an extra attack to finish the job, ok. Need some more speed or a quick getaway, sure. Enemy spellcaster giving you grief, well, her songs are beautiful and terrible all at the same time no spells for them when they get too close.

Earthborn Dire Troll - Fast, Capable, High fury, highly mobile, very useful abilities that he can pass out as an animus. This bad boy will get up to whatever he is attacking first and will more than likely make it pay horribly for getting there. Good on his own... downright scary with a damage buff. Hide your casters kids, here comes my Earthborn Grim has affectionately named Cannonball.

Dire Troll Mauler - Whats not to like, very awesome animus, two big open fists that will pound your face off. Perfect second wave attacker. Send in your fodder to die and let the Mauler mop up anything that takes the bait.

Slag Troll - A household favorite of mine from MKI, This version is everything he was and more. Cheaper damage buff than the Mauler and will almost always gets his points back once he mixes it up with your enemies.

Trollkin Champions - now more versatile for list building and more consistent damage than they had before. These guys rock the house and go down swinging IF your opponent manages to kill them in the first place. Anything that ties up these guys usually wishes they hadn't.

Fel Caller - Need help hitting... he is your Troll. Tripped on a rock, no worries this guy will help you up. Having trouble moving through difficult terrain, he has your back. He is no good semaritan, fast and agile with two decent weaponmaster attacks. Did I forget to mention his spray attack... the power of a fel callers voice baby, sweet music to Troll ears, earsplitting death for anyone else.

Chronicler - Pure support, this Troll can tell a story to lighten the heart of even the most battle hardened and frequently regenerated Troll. He support capabilites make him almost an autoinclude and your opponents have bigger fish to fry allowing him to work uninturrupted for most of the game.

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