20 July 2010

Buffs for Everyone! Or: The Fell Caller & You. - by Javaman

Hey everybody! Here's my contribution to our growing troll tactica. Keep in mind I'm writing this pretty much off the top of my head, so it's going to be pretty basic, at least at first. Everybody else is organizing these things by stats, attacks, casters and whatnot, and I'll make an effort to do the same, but be kind in your judgements. Feel free to add to it.


The stats make the man, as they say. And in the Fell's case, they make him pretty damn good. His SPD's better than our average, his STR & MAT are at Champ level, and his RAT is nice as well (2 better than the Winter). The Fell's ARM is a bit on the low side for us, at least for a guy you plan on sending into melee, but it boosts to a very respectable 17 with the 'Stone. His command is good too (= to Madrak's), which becomes important to one of his abilities. Oh, and he's got the standard 8 Wounds all our melee solos have. All around a solid stat line.


2 Swords- In a game where joe schmoes regularly kick their ARM to 18-24, A POW 3 weapon generally doesn't cut it. Luckily, the Fell Callers got a little spice to kick it up a notch, and a second attack to make it stick.

Sonic Blast- A nice, solid 8'' Spray. POW's nothing to write home about (same POW as a Hand Cannon), but it's good for clearing out cheap infantry.

Special Abilities:


The Fell Caller is Fearless, just like practically everything else with Wounds in our army.

Given the relative weakass-ness of his sword (P&S 10), his is really what makes him worth anything in melee. 4d6 on the Charge and 3d6 in general melee means that even with the P&S as low as it is, he's going to do some real damage.

And now, for the real meat: Fell Calls! This guy hands out the buffs and synergy like candy, and these 3 abilities are the real reason to include him in any army list you make. Not only does he do this once per turn, but it's an any time activation, so he can do this and run or attack either in melee or range. An so, without further ado, here they are.

Fell Calls:

Open Road- Now technically, the card says that this ability is called "Overcome," but this is a calumnous lie! This ability was Open Road in Mk 1 when only we had it. And then Mark 2 happened, and the vile Skorne ripped the 'Caller off for many of his calls and abilities (along with several other previously 'trolls only' perks). But whatever. This ability grants any warrior/unit within 5" of the 'Caller Pathfinder, which is sweet and allows us a lot more freedom on the board. And remember: it's Open Road, no matter what anyone else says.

Reveille- Ours is a faction that inevitably makes a lot of Tough rolls, which hopefully means a lot of guys lying down on the job (Unless you've got Surefoot up or you're running the Warriors with the Standard.) With the Fell Caller, you don't have to put up with those slack-***** sleeping on the job. Everybody within Command Range of the Fell Caller gets up without sacrificing movement or activation. Huzzah!

War Cry- A straight-up +2 to MAT for any warrior/unit it's given to. It'll turn even the most lackluster schlub (i.e.: the Stone Scribes) into a pretty decent melee monster.

General Overview:

So, the Fell Caller is pretty much the best 3 points you can spend on a model in our faction, if not the whole game. He slices, he dices, he juliannes reasonably armored foes. More importantly, he does all this while handing out much-needed buffs to the rest of your army, and brings a pretty sweet spray attack to boot. Honestly, if you're not bringing him to the table, you're doing something wrong.

A lot of the other write-ups would take this space to talk about synergies with various casters and units, but frankly, I think the Fell Caller's so all around good that he's worth it in any list. As Sevwall pointed out, he's particularly great with the Burrowers, putting their MAT up to 6, which means they'll hit on more than a prayer, but they add great benefit to pretty much whatever they look at. Even in a Beast-heavy list under Doomy or Calandra, he's worth it just as a melee/ranged solo with the capability to hand out to any warrior model on the board, including your caster.

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