08 December 2010

Captain Harmek Ironfist

Captain Harmek Ironfist.
  ~Iron and Flesh, blood and gears, they all fall when Dire Trolls and Warjacks walk side by side.
Born an albino among his kith in the Thornwood , Harmek was destined to be a sorcerer among his people.  Someone should have told this to Harmek.  Smaller than the average Trollkin he set out daily to prove himself a warrior watching and training with a local Hero all the while ignoring his sorcerous ability.  Soon a door opened for him to hone his skills as a warrior when Greygore Boomhowler came through the Thornwood collecting fresh recruits.  
Life as a mercenary took to Harmek well as he learned to contract work for the Humans.  As Harmek’s name grew, so did Greygore’s dislike of Harmek.  Greygore continually put Harmek into harm’s way, hoping, but to no avail.  Greygore finally rid himself of Harmek by sending him off on a job on small privateer vessel  for a Captain Linas Smalls while the rest of the band left for Khador without telling Harmek.  Determined to complete the job Greygore abandoned he soon found himself sailing along the coasts from Cygnar to Ord protecting Captain Small’s wares… old warjacks.

Instantly mesmerized by the mechanical constructs Harmek couldn’t keep himself from tinkering with the things every chance he got and found a passion for improving their abilities in combat by marshalling them..  Soon he became quite adept at fixing Jacks and increasing their value for Captain Smalls as well as gaining contacts up and down the coast of Cygnar and Ord.  Life was good until their small vessel was attacked by a Cryxian Raiding party.  Fighting with every ounce of strength he could must to save the ship Harmek’s latent sorcerous ability came alive assisting him in the fight with a Mule he was Marshalling.  Fist’s pounding undead to dust while pushing the Mule beyond its limits Harmek was able to save the ship, his elation short lived when he realized Captain Smalls had perished along with all but a handful of the crew.  They sailed back to Cygnar and left Harmek with a broken ship with a hull full of old Warjacks.

Harmek spent every last dime he owned fixing the ship of Captain Smalls and for a time resumed the business doing quite well for himself.  The troubles of the Trollbloods called to him, making up his mind to help his homeland of old he put the ship in the charge of his first mate and took a small contingent of Warjacks and went looking for Ironhide.  He came upon Madrak engaged and outnumber by a large contingent of elves… he had never seen an elf before.  Determined to prove himself then and there he took his small group of Warjacks and set upon the flank of the elves.  Nearly unaware of how his abilities were affecting his attack Harmek's army hit the elves like of wave of axe and smoke crushing them between Madrak’s beasts and his metal.  Madrak had never heard of Ironfist before but they quickly formed a bond neither of them could explain.  Grateful for the assistance and happy to have a new ally Madrak began helping Harmek with his sorcerous ability and connection to warbeasts while Harmek’s jacks added much needed firepower to the Trollblood ranks. 

Still new to his ability to control warbeasts and sorcerous ability Harmek is a resource unparralled for the Trollbloods. With his contacts, transportation, and ability to bring in arms and warjacks to the Trollblood front lines the United Kriel find themselves better equipped than ever before.

Harmek Ironfist                                                               
Trollblood Trollkin Mercenary Privateer Warlock

Warbeast Points: +5
Base Size: Medium Base
Damage: 18
Feat: Tide of Blood ~like the rising of the tides Harmek’s army crashes into their enemie.
While in Harmek’s control area Friendly models gain Relentless Charge and an additional attack dice with melee attack rolls. Warjack’s and Warbeast’s in this model’s CMD may charge or slam without spending Focus or Forcing.
Mercenary Warlock [Cygnar] - If you can have two or more warlocks in your army, this model and warbeasts in its battlegroup can take the place of a Skorne warlock. This model counts toward the maximum number of warlocks allowed in an army and counts as a warlock for FA..

Trollblood – This model works as a Trollblood Trollkin Warlock, he may bring any mercenary warjack as their marshall and may include models that work for Trollbloods in his army and battlegroup

Jack Marshal
Drive: Pronto - This model can attempt to Drive each warjack under its control in its command range. To Drive a warjack, this model must make a command check at any time during its activation. If the check succeeds, the warjack immediately makes a full advance. If the check fails, the warjack does not benefit from ʼJack Marshal this turn.
Tune Up (Action) - RNG 5. Target friendly warjack. If the warjack is in range, its attack or damage rolls are boosted this turn.
Repair [9] (Action) - This model can attempt repairs on any damaged friendly Faction warjack. To attempt repairs, this model must be B2B with the damaged warjack and make a skill check. If successful, remove d6 damage points from the warjackʼs damage grid.
Steady - This model cannot be knocked down.

Scattergun [1x]                          RNG: SP 8 ROF: 1 AOE: - POW: 12

Studded Gauntlet [2x] (Left and Right) POW: 5P+S: 14
Magic Weapon
Combo Strike (Attack) - Make a melee attack. Instead of making a normal damage roll, the POW of the damage roll is equal to this modelʼs STR plus twice the POW of this weapon.

SPELLS                                   Cost    RNG   AOE     POW    UP       OFF
Sure Foot                                  3           6       Ctrl         – –      Yes          No
Target friendly Faction model gains +2 DEF and cannot be knocked down. While within 3˝ of the affected model, friendly Faction models also gain +2 DEF and cannot be knocked down.
Arcantrik Bolt                          2          10         –          12        No          Yes
A warjack damaged by this attack becomes stationary for one round.
Temper Metal                           2           6           –            –        Yes          No
Target friendly warjack gains +2 ARM and is immune to continuous effects.

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