11 May 2011

Dire Troll Mauler: Extreme Caution!

After many years of being a die hard Troll Player, the time finally came down for me to make an acquisition that should have been made years ago. Due to a small lull in Trollblood releases and my inability to refrain from owning at least one of everything in the Trollblood model line (usually two or three) it became clear to me that it was time to lay down the cash and pickup the Dire Troll Mauler Extreme Sculpt.

After ordering the model the realization hit that my painting skills were not up to snuff to do justice to such an awesome model.  This is where War Painter Studio comes in.  Having perused his blog for quite some time now and seeing all the fantastic paint jobs he has done, not to mention the large quantity of Privateer Press models that he has done told me that he was the man for the job. Oh boy, what a job he did.

The way he turned out simply blew me away and made me regret not the cost incurred to get it that way.

Thanks again Kerry at War Painter Studio.  Job well done.

War Painter's Post on this model can be found HERE
He also posted the color breakdown HERE

If you want to see some high quality paint jobs or feel like donating some dough in exchange for his painting service, go check him out.

Use of the Mauler is outlined in the Toolbox ~ Where To Start article


  1. Thanks again for the opportunity Dallas. It was a joy and pleasure to paint him up for you.

  2. looks great, nice detail and overall effect.

    might have to look at getting something similar when the cash comes round.