02 November 2011

Warmachine All-Stars

In our hankering for the new IKRPG we have started up our own version.  Only with our point system you literally make a character that starts at the 2pt point level and works its way up to being a caster or a super solo.  It's probably not very balanced, but lots of fun.

In our first night test running it our party of dudes (each with a stat or two in dire need of assistance and one focus/fury to use) Fought off an onslaught of Trollkin.  They Pygmy Trolls nearly wiped them out early, but once they figured out how to revive each other they started getting the hang of it.  Our party of six had some close calls, but in the end they managed to take down a couple of Skinners, some Champions a Swamp Troll and a Blitzer.

Next fight is on as they will go head on with a few lesser warlocks and jack marshalls.  Will they survive to become full fledged Warcasters and Warlocks... we shall see.

Stay tuned for our homebrew rules and how to make your own Warmachine All-Star

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