22 May 2012

~Speculation~ Grim Angus, Warcaster Hunter

Grim longs for peace, the ability to settle down and hunt game and a place to call home.  Circumstance is cruel though and require Grim's talents be used to protect the Trollblood nation.   Grim's outlook is simple and methodical.  He sees a task needing completion and he takes the straightest path to achieving victory.  Honing his considerable skills as a hunter and tracker Grim continues to excel in tracking down the elusive prey.  The Trollbloods plight for a home has Grim tracking more dangerous foes, more often than not these foes are human warcaster.  Ever the effecient hunter Grim continues to find ways to elimate these deadly foes with an effeciency that is unmatched.

Grim's hatred for humans burns in him and drives him to succeed.  It also threatens to consume him, he already feels himself slipping away and becoming unfeeling.   Unwittingly he balances this by attracting the outcast Trollkin, even Mercenaries and Minions that don't fit in anywhere else seem to be fighting for Grim Angus.  Noral Stonemapper being cheif among them, these cast aways only barely tolerated elsewhere find themselves achieving above and beyond expectations under the patient guiding hand of Grim Angus.

Grim has no patience for intrigue or politics, he simply cuts right to the point to finish the job.

SPD - 6
STR - 7
MAT - 6
RAT - 8
DEF - 17
ARM - 15
CMD - 8
FUR - 6

FA - C
Warbeast Points - 4
Base Size - Medium
Damage - 17

Tighten The Noose - Friendly Models Currently in Grim Angus CTRL gain Pathfinder and Hunter.  While in Grim Angus CTRL enemy models cannot spend focus or fury and cannot perform special actions.

True Sight
Arcane Assassin

Headhunter [1x]      RNG: 13  ROF: 1   AOE: -  POW: 13    
Magical Weapon
Dual Shot
Bait the Line

Gun Blade [1x]    POW:5  PS: 12Target enemy model/unit suffers –2 DEF and loses Incorporeal and Stealth and cannot gain those abilities while affected by Marked for Death. Friendly Faction models can target an affected model regardless of LOS.

Back Lash              Cost:    RNG:   AOE:-      POW:    UP:  OFF:

Phantom Hunter     Cost:    RNG:   AOE: -     POW:   UP:  OFF:

Marked for Death  Cost: 2   RNG: 8  AOE: -      POW:   UP: Yes OFF: No
Occultation             Cost: 2    RNG: 6 AOE: -      POW:   UP: Yes  OFF: No

Target Friendly model/unit gains stealth.

I havent finished filling out his spell list because I'm not cetain what spells should be there.  But I like losing the net gun in favor of dual shot but he is probably overpowerd this way AND too similar to his first version... but I've always felt that with a little bit of oomph  Grim would go from pretty good to freeking amazing.

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  1. Do you feel that he will be the next epic troll lock?