27 November 2012

The Doctor Is In

Welcome and well met! This is James Kilbride, known to some as kilbrj, and to others as The Doctor. New to Trollblood Scrum, and excited to be here. A little bit about me, I am a long time gamer, having started roleplaying games around the age of 11 when I first convinced my grandfather to run the basic D&D module for a friend of mine and I. Though long before that my father had introduced me to the concept with Playmobile, d6's and board game style rules for fights/etc. In fact, gaming has been a part of my life for as long as I can remember, longer in some ways.

And so that brings me to Warmachine/Hordes and really IKRPG. I've always loved role playing games and war games, in equal basis. And the mixture of the two, which is the miniature games of today, has always held a fascination for me. I was acquainted with Warmachine/Hordes years ago by a friend that moved from Warhammer to that. I myself, having bought very little at full price, didn't feel like picking up another game that I didn't get to play all that often, but I did find it intriguing, for it did take a different approach to the models. I got back into it a little over a year ago when another friend of mine started transitioning over to Warmachine. But again, my investment in it is sparse.

On the other hand the new IKRPG holds my interest a great deal more. And in that I am true to form. While my miniature collection for wargaming doesn't get used often, due in part to not having a lot of time for long games or people to play against, my miniatures for RPG's (which are sometimes the same ones) get used quite frequently and I am an avid role player. From pen and paper to MUSHes even to sporadic MMORPG's(when I have random time on the computer to splurge). It is here that the wonderful folks at Trollblood Scrum found me, for the release of IKRPG filled a niche that I had been longing for for some time. With the grit of a world war 1 style combat, and the delight of steam punk married to fantasy races IKRPG had me hooked. I bought the rule book the day it came out and had 12 characters built in 3 days. I started to have questions though so came to the PP Forums to look at what people were doing about some of the 'uncertainties' in the book and there you will find me. Lurking oh so.. oh who am I kidding, a man who has done 1000 posts since September isn't lurking. I'm there, playing and running Play by Posts, giving my not so humble opinions on rules questions or character creation or how to run the gaming group and even tools you can use to run the game remotely.

And that is what I will bring to you here. Generally put, IKRPG related 'stuff'. Whether it be NPC's for you to borrow for your own campaigns, settings to use, or even some adventure/plot stuff(sorry folks Blackwoods will not show up here till the PBP is finished) that is what the Doctor(and yes I hold a PhD in computer science, along with an MBA) will bring you.

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