04 December 2012

Journeyman League - Goris' Journey Into Cygnar

So, our shop is doing a Journeyman and in an effort to refresh my enthusiasm in the hobby I have decided to pick up Cygnar and get a feel for a new play style and paint scheme.  So aside from it being a pallet cleanser I feel playing roe then one faction will help me understand the game better. Stay tuned for weekly updates and pictures of my Cygnar as the weeks go by.

The List
Our PG decided to let us build custom battle boxes of 11 points for the league so instead of going with Stryker, which was my first choice actually, I decided to field my favorite Cygnar cast, Captain Jeremiah Kraye.  From the beginning his fluff and model always intrigued me. So, when I saw no one was playing him I was surprised.  His rules looked good to me and it seemed like he would be good in this format. So here's the list I decided to go with.

Points: 11/11
Captain Jeremiah Kraye (*6pts)
* Ironclad (7pts)
* Stormclad (10pts)

 Aside from this list looking awesome on the table I really like the ability to just slingshot my Stormclad across the table and take out whatever I feel is the biggest threat. This leads to an already favorable piece trade on my part and the Stormclad is pretty resilient when it gets there. In the limited points format it's really hard to stop.  As I build up I plan to add a Sentinel at 15 points but I am not sure where I want to go from there.  Kraye runs jacks every well and the light Cav nature of his light jacks screams at me to run multiple Hunters.  I feel like some infantry might do me well in the later stages of the league. We'll see if I end up running jack spam or if I decide to sprinkle in some trenchers or long gunners for fun. I'm 4-1 with this list and leading the league so far with the most game and hobby points.  Hopefully I can keep the lead...

I plan to keep doing updates on my progress as the league goes on and I fill the holes in my list and get a better feel for Cygnar as a whole.  I'll be playing other games with the stuff that I have to get a feel for how the faction goes, so expect some more articles about Cygnar from a Troll perspective.

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  1. I can only recommend to have a good look at the Minuteman if you run Kraye. It's bonkers.