29 January 2013

Whelp Factory

Short post with a humble request.  Please send me a picture of your fully painted whelp(s).  I think they are truly a fun set of models (wether I acutally play them or not) and I want to see what your whelps look like.  There are no prizes only GLORY.  Once I'm done collecting pics of your whelps I will put them all up in one awesome post of Whelpy Goodness.    JoeDJ I can't remember if your Wagon has a whelp shooting from it, but it should be included for the sake of AWESOMENESS!!!


Send me an email as follows. thegreatblah@trollbloodscrum.com

SUBJECT LINE: WhelpFactory <your forum name or name>

BODY: Anything glorious written here will be included... so caption your whelps baby.

ATTACHMENT: Attach your pic(s) of said whelps here.  If other models end up in your pic... like a whelp covered Mountain King, or whelp shooting from your War Wagon that is highly encouraged.   We will pick the most awesome and include you on the podcast if we can... or at least tout your awesomeness.

PRIZES: Honor and glory, plus the admiration and respect of your peers... or something like that.  Plus I'm diggin the triple period thing this post... ... ... ... Don't know why.

DEADLINE: I will be posting pics no later than FEB 14th... It will be our day of Whelp Love.

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