28 February 2013

New Troll, Light?

The speculation on the internet has begun, and lets be honest, many a Trollblood player has low expectations courtesy of Bruce (aka The Mountain King).  Some of the speculation might be spot on, and a random uncomfirmed internet source has this guy labeled a "Night Troll".

From the unconfirmed information, and a fair amount of prodding, here is our speculated stats for this nasty looking Light Trollblood Warbeast.

Night Troll
Trollblood Light Warbeast

Since he has two open fists I'm going to put him somwhere in line with our other elemental warbeasts.
Lets Say, MAT 5, POW 12, Two Open Fists.

Also in line with them we're probably looking at DEF12, ARM 15 or 16.

Not unexpected, if his stats land somewhere in there any Trollblood player should be fine with it.

Now Time for the more speculated portions of what he will have.

Rumor is that because he is a Troll of the Night he will have straight Stealth.  Which would be pretty awesome AND the first all out stealth model in the TB army.

Another Big Point of Speculation is that because he has big nifty looking claws he will have paralysis.    Paralysis reduced the DEF of a model and prevents running.  Good, but since his MAT is the same as all our other stuff not optimal.  Though I can see it coming in handy from time to time.

Animus is rumored to be something Akin to Menoth's Gaze.  I'm sure they will call it something different if that it what it is.  This could be great... it could be meh, just depends on if it is Range:SELF or Range:6.

AND finally for the wisful thinking portion of this speculative excercise.  He is a Night Troll for crying out loud, he should be able to see in the dark very well, I'm crossing my fingers for Eyeless Sight. 
Also with Paralysis claws and Menoth's gaze something that allows him to charge for free like Maneater or something like it.

SO to Recap, here is what this Trollblood player thinks the Night Troll will be.

Night Troll
Trollblood Light Warbeast


Eyeless Sight

Animus - "Insert Name Here" Warrior Model's w/in 5" must advance directly towards this model.
PC 4

Some will like him, some won't.  The Particulars in this case will probably matter a lot.  If he isn't good then call me when you want to rage quit and sell your trollblood models.  I've been looking for extras anyway.


  1. So when would you take him instead of the Axes/Impaler/Pyre/Slag?

    Also, Paralysis only affects living models. So all jacks, undead, etc. make it useless.

  2. Just depends on what you are going for, Stealth is great and eyeless sight would also have its uses. With pathfinder I can think of a lot of reasons why I'd bring a beast with stealth over any you have listed.

    As for the only living models thing, you can say the same thing about the Slag or the Storm Troll. Each have their uses in the right context.

  3. Yeah, I don't bring Slag or Storm Trolls to tournaments for the same reason. Side board perhaps. Why take the chance that the model will be useless?

    So what would you be "going for" that would make this a good choice?

  4. Why would I sell my models? Just pack them up till MK3 like I did during MK1.

  5. ooo leading questions, fun. I'd like to let folks make their own decision once the model is released through acutal playtesting. All the negativity and theorymachine hate is killing my brain cells. Lets just say this, this Trollblood player isn't nearly as jaded as the community seems to be and has fun and success playing things that many consider bad at first glance. This is the guy that touted Scattergunners for nearly two years before the community warmed up on them.