26 September 2013

Feast of Blades: Faction sure, Lists not so much

So I settled down on a faction but after some practice I wasn't really happy with my list choices. I have bumped Grissel to the 3rd list and Grim is back in the bag. And I have decided to bring Madrak 2 into the fold as my second list. I have also made a slight change to my runes of war list that I may or may not go with depending on my gut feeling day of.

The reason for Madrak 2 is I really felt I needed a more combined arms package for my off list and I needed a better answer to circle in particular. I attempted to change up Grissel to get some good shooting elements in the list, however it took too much away from her kill stroke which would be forcing me into too many death clock or dice down games. So let's look at Madrak 2's army.

Madrak 2

Fell Caller Hero
Gatorman Witch Doctor
Full KW's with UA & 3 Cabers
Full Nyss Hunters
Full Burrowers
War wagon
Min KSB w/ Elder

So you may notice a big void in the list, no longriders in my second list is dam near sacrilege in my book. However, my faction A.D.D. as of late has been largely brought on by my dissatisfaction with trolls. So I felt perhaps it's time to try something a little different and I may as well try it in a place where I can get a lot of games with a lot of different people/factions/casters. I am a creature of habit though so change only comes in small doses. I still have a cavalry model, it just has some guns. My goal with this two list pairing is having two lists I can play in nearly every match up. Madrak 2 just has better game against dude spam lists and he can be a problem for some beast heavy hordes match-ups.

The Runes of War change is a simple swap, dropping the Mauler and Axer for a second Earthborn and a Pyre. Double Earthborn package has a lot more staying power but I lose some reliable threat range and pathfinder for Mulg. Pyre troll requires some special mention here because he is actually a big factor in the change, he gives me a non-magical ranged attack and as all troll players know; fire immunity can be a great tool.

Well feast of blades is about two weeks away and I am excited to see what kind of event and crowd Colorado can put together. Perhaps the girlfriend will snap some pictures of some fun/cool things we see along the way.

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