04 January 2014

Mabrothrax Plays it Painted 2014

Happy new year!

Survive the hangovers and excessive spending? Good. Now stop what you're doing and go paint some models.

Last year I very much got into the spirit of 'play it painted' and quite honestly say, that with one exception, every game I played last year I played with painted models. I am therefore made of win (even if my win/loss ratio isn't).

So, this year I shall continue to play it painted and keep a mini blog here of what I'm working on - for Trollbloods anyway, I dabble in other factions, but not to any great extent.

I will not play a game with unpainted Trolls this year.

This month I have on my desk...

Calandra (painted but being re-based)
Epic Grissel
Unit of Runeshapers #2
Unit of Warders #2

I have no firm plans to purchase any troll stuff in the next few weeks, but I might pick up Raluk Moorclaw when my local store gets him. I'm waiting eagerly for the eventual release of the Sorcerer.

Lists for 2014

Continuing from my previous posts and ramblings, I intend to spend a chunk of time playing the Calandra theme force Evolutionary Elementalism, as well as developing the eGrissel Warders brick/ARM 21 spam list.
I might on occasion go back to pMadrak or eDoomshaper for the odd friendly game, maybe even eGrim (who I still don't get).

It's hard to speculate on any new releases for Trollbloods or Hordes in general, and I think we'll have lots to talk/rant/cry about once Vengeance hits. Maybe spoilers and teasers will start to filter through in the next few months. Will we get a '3' Warlock? Will there be a Hordes book in 2014? What are Troll Highwaymen? 

My gut says we'll have to wait a while for any of this, possibly even until 2015. Only time will tell.

Well, I'm getting back to painting. So should you.

Keep rolling Tough, 

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