07 February 2014

Templecon Keynote... Mabrothrax ponders

Hurry up and wait

Well, it happened...

The new book will feature female Warlocks for Farrow and Gators as well as battle engines for both Minion pacts, a rather splendid heavy Nephalim character, units of mini warbeasts (as if shredder spam wasn't enough), Xerxis on a Rhino, what looks like a new Circle character beast...

our  'Lesser Warlock' Horgol Ironsmith, who'll have an affinity for (and reduce cost of) Slag and Pyre trolls:

Sounds like a fun guy, and I welcome the idea of Lesser Warlocks as pseudo Fury management. One pic that appeared was these guys... 

Highwaymen? I'm betting two hand cannons CRA or Gang, possible assault and maybe gunfighter. Scouts on steroids. At least I hope so, I was never sold on the light cavalry idea.

Another brief pic is this one of Calandra, with an axe (not her dagger, 'salt'), I assumed a sneaky hint of Epic Calandra, but apparently it's an old IKRPG piece of artwork. Can anyone verify this?

The only other things of note, for Trollbloods at least - "no reach in the book", "no warbeast units for trolls (in this book)"
No preview of a Warlock, though teh Skorne cavalry Warlock bodes well for a Troll on a Tuffalo, and te comments about crazy stuff and battle engines has me wondering.

Meanwhile the Hordes Faction dice have officially been previewed...


Lots to moan and speculate about on the forums. See you out there!



  1. thecalandra Pic is in the IKRPG see the elf in the fore ground...also squeeze about the highway men and ironsmith

  2. Yeah that art was from the IKRPG core rulebook, it does look like Calandra though so still could be Epic Calandra. Definitely looking forward to the Trollblood highwaymen and the lesser warlock. I'm praying to Dhunia for a new Dire Troll though.

  3. My guess for highwayman is dual guns hoping for RAT 6 expecting Rat 5. I'd bet on Scattergunner Stats but with two guns instaed of a scattergun.

    Lessers are something I've never been a fan of... however, an in faction lesser may have possibilites... dpends on the stats and of course the cost of the lesser.

    I'm still banking on a Polar Bear riding Borka.

  4. A Polar Bear riding Borka?!

    I'm excited about Highwaymen in eGrim's Theme force - especially if they have ambush. The keynote did feel lacking in Troll love, but that makes me think that what's on the horizon is BIG. The Lock & Load seminars and spoilers had better be God-like, or we'll be a sad faction.

  5. I thought the "No Reach in this book..." comment was about Farrow Warbeasts. Dear God let me be right on this one.

  6. Dice are too bright of a Teal for my taste. Pass.

  7. It sounds like this book will be more love for Hunters Grim as his theme list spoiled the highwaymen, and the new lesser warlock is aimed at buffing the ranged game of his warbeasts.