08 April 2009

Tooth & Claw/Mangled Metal Tourney.

For this tourney I opted for the Borka Bomb instead of my usual Grim list. The list I brought was;
Faction: Trollblood
Points: 330
Model Count: 5
Victory Points: 12

Borka Kegslayer
> Pyg Keg Carrier
Slag Troll
Troll Impaler
Dire Troll Mauler

Our leagues is used to seeing Grim and rMadrak, most of them have heard of the Borka Bomb but never seen it. Figured it was time to give it the old college try.


So first round I got paired against Tremshaun from Misc.BrainPurge. I think he Brought;
Faction: Cryx
Points: 350
Model Count: 4
Victory Points: 12

Warwitch Deneghra
> Cankerworm
> Defiler
> Deathjack

TURN 1 - This board was the forest board featuring three forests and some high grass. He moves up with the Cankerworm on one side in the forest the DJ on the other side and the Arcnode in the middle. My turn I advance up Farstrike and boost hitting the Arnode for 9 damage taking out the node.

TURN 2 - Cankerworm pretty much finishes the Impaler who was out front but his caster moved up to deliver the finishing blow. My turn LQ and Rage Borka, Mauler tosses him at the Arcnode, Borka then Charges his caster and kills it in one hit. So in a game this small the Borka Bomb was much easier to pull off than I thought, but with such a low model count there just wasn't enough to get in the way.

ROUND 2 - Legion of Everblight Championed by Jefferson.
He brought
Faction: Legion of Everblight
Points: 347
Model Count: 6
Victory Points: 13

Thagrosh, Prophet of Everblight

For me Legion is hard for all the same reasons. This game turned out to be a bit harder only because he is soo much quicker than me and hits just as hard. This game I got to go first this board had lots of blocking terrain.
Turn 1 - I run up to some blocking terrain and sit back. He moves up into excellent counter-charge range and stops.
Turn 2 - I stay pretty much where I was but throw with the Impaler Crit-Slamming the Carnivean back. His turn the Seraph moves up and shoots me alot but doing little damage past the initial hit to the Mauler. A Turkey runs to engage the Impaler.

Turn 3 - Mauler attacks Seraph and hurts it good but misses the chain attack. Slag hangs back with bum rush on and Imp stabs the turkey. His turn the Seraph flies over to try and shoot Borka but the Slag Bum Rushes him. Carni and Turkey attack Mauler nearly killing him Thagrash moves up a bit to keep his beasts in his control area.
Turn 4 - Mauler engaged by the Cani casts rage on Borka after the Keg carrier LQs him. Slag takes a free strike from the Seraph to Throw Borka. Borka charges Thagrosh hitting him twice, killing a turkey on the second hit and reducing Thagrosh to 1 wound... CRAP. Thagrash can't do spells and crap but he is good in melee and proceed to swing at Borka miss, miss, miss, boost to hit, boost to damage = dead Borka BUT Borka rolls his tough. He moves a Turkey back to have a transfer target but is out of Fury anyway.
Turn 5 - Borka finishes what he started and Thagrosh goes POOF.

So that puts Trolls and the other Legion army in the final Showdown. I have never played against the other Legion player, but he must be either pretty good or pretty lucky to Beat McCryx in Round 1 then CygnarBrian in Round 2. Those two don't lose very often. Final round next Wednesday, let us hope his premature boasting about how easy Trolls are to beat comes back to haunt him. Current Standings posted on the left sidebar near the top.


  1. Cool... used Borka for 4 games at a Schism event, though I've run the table of a 350 MM/TC before with great effect. The actual RNG bombs are fun to use as well... hit something big and dumb and bomb the caster who's near by.

    As a side, I think bum-rush is warrior model only, though I don't have my cards in front of me. Good job all around though!

  2. Shaun's node was a defailer.

    Gratz on the wins. MM/TC is a way fun point level. Really really fast games. I got four in tonight! Crazy.

  3. Doh, good thing the one bum rush I did wasn't pivotal. Ill have to make sure only Borka gets it in the future.

  4. Big gratz on the wins!How are you finding the Slag Troll?

  5. Being a huge fan of the Pyre Troll I found it hard at first to bring the Slag. That said, the Slag performs a few things tons better than the Pyre can. Both have access to the full range of power attacks but the Slag boasts two more Strength, that is huge. Secondly, against Warmachine especially in T&C/MM Slag dishes out about as much damage as a Dire Troll but at range, albeit short range. Slag is better support than a Pyre in very small games. In this list Slag is a great backup Thrower if the Mauler gets tied up, and you don't really need a Pyre Animus with the Mauler around. Rage on the Slag is PS16 in melee and an Imp with PS 16 is wicked in T&C. Too bad you have to boost to hit every time with the Slag, boost to hit twice and force once for the second ranged attack, knock something down or lower its def and you can boost damage on the Slag for four dice of damage against non-living crap.

  6. So to make a long story long... I prefer the Slag against Warmachine as my second light beast over a Pyre or Axer. Impaler being the usual first choice of course. My all medium based army used to see Imp Imp or Imp Pyre, now if I know I'm playing a WM opponent its Imp Slag, usually.