01 April 2009

Trollkin Thumper Spew... I mean Crew

I am at a loss for words, it is so cool looking and yet fails so miserably on the table it is almost depressing. The Thumper Crew is ALMOST, yep almost as good as the Sunburst thingy from Menoth. So Here is my rundown of the worst artillery piece in the game. "Hey you guys all line up for me would ya... crap I rolled a 1"

Trollkin Thumper Spew

STATS - They are essentially Kriel Warriors without the shield, so you know, they die pretty easily.
WEAPONS - One big Cannon and some hand weapons for when you really screw up and get into melee with this thing.
TOUGH - Um yep... saw that one coming did you.
WEAPON CREW - Apparently it takes three big trolls to move this gun just as fast as a couple small Khadorians. Man those Thumper Crew Trolls must be Kriel Stone Carrying rejects or something. The big weenies.
CREWMAN - They help you aim, if they die you don't hit the broad side of the barn. This would be okay IF it was an AOE but it's not.
THUMPER - Yeap the gun itself. It's light atillery which means you can't shoot and move or ever run. MOMENTUM - Here is why the Thumper is soooo fantastic compared to other artillery, ther is no AOE, nor Arcing fire, when you hit or miss the initial shot (which is respectable) you get a D6 bounce in a striaght line. If it was like the caber and was a fixed line this would almost be okay but it is not. On top of that, the pow on the bounce is terribad. One inch bounce... Spectacular.
SYNOPSIS - Even though the range is good on the cannon Alten Ashly packs near the same punch for the exact same points. Just compare the Thumper to other things of like value.
Fel Caller (or even a second Fel Caller)
Totem Hunter
Alten Ashley
Swamp Gobbers + Welps
Saxon Orrick
Bone Grinders...

Okay the list goes on, but you get the picture. For roughly the same point value you can take something that brings a whole lot more to the table.

All that said, the Epic Fail battle is tonight so a battle report complete with photos will be forthcoming.

Coming Soon... Cryx Playstyle and Troll Playstyle. Why Cryx Players win even though their stuff is so fragile, and what Troll players can learn from it.


  1. How dare you criticize the mighty Cryx!!! They are not fragile! Cryx units are the best in the game! They rock! Woot! Woot! Go Cryx Go! Yeahhhhhh Cryx!

  2. Ah, the epic fail game. remember, if the light begins to shift distincly red, just run. run as fast as you can.

  3. And if the epic fail game is a april fools joke...I will probably cry. Not in a girly way though. Like a viking!