27 May 2009

Grissel Grows Tired of eIrusk. Sends Hero To 'Deal' With Him.

"The Troll presence has become a nuisance," The Harbringer of Menoth pointed out to her audience. Feroa in her piety pretended not to notice her glare, or was she glaring at The Butcher by her side? "I will send Supreme Commander Irusk to do what others could not," the Harbringer said with disdain, "It seems the task of killing stupid Trolls is too much for some of the PKA's so called elite."

My Army
Grissel Bloodsong, Fell Caller
Dire Troll Mauler
Earthborn Dire Troll
Fell Caller
Trollkin Hero
Trollkin Hero
Krielstone Bearer & Stone Scribes [6]
> Stone Scribe Elder [1]
Trollkin Champions [5]
Trollkin Long Riders [5] (2 added)
Swamp Gobber Bellows Crew [2]

His Army (I think)
Supreme Kommandant Irusk
> War Dog
> Beast-09
Yuri the Axe
Great Bears of Gallowswood [3]
Greylord Ternion [3]
Iron Fang Pikemen [9]
> Iron Fang Officer and Standard Bearer [2]
Man-O-War Shocktroopers [4]
Widowmakers [4]
Winterguard Mortar Crew [2]
Gudrun the Wanderer
Kell Bailoch

We played on this map and decided the hills were just elevated and were not rough terrain. I rolled highest and opted to deploy and go first.

Troll Deployment - My deployment zone was on bottom. I put my Longriders along the right side spread out with my EBDT on the right side of the hill with the Mauler on the left. My Champs lined up to run the gap between the forest and the wall with the Heros, Fel Caller, Grissel, Gobbers and KSB behind them.

Khador Deployment - He put Gudrun, Yuri and the Manhunter in the forest with the Greylords on the side of the hill closest to them. Keil and the Widowmakers lined up their AD across from my forest with his Man-O-Wars Behind them, Irusk and the Bears were behind them. His Pikemen were on the other side of the hill from the Greylords.

Turn 1 Trolls -
Champs run for the gap with the Brick in tow, Grissel calling Hoof it to the Longriders and Gobbers smoking up the gap. Mauler moves up towards the back right of Grissels group. EBDT Runs right up the middle wall on the right side. Longriders Hoof it up and I use two of them to engage the three in the forest. KSB does the no blast aura.

"Keep your lines boys, we have more discipline than these Trolls could ever hope to gain" Irusk said with Pride, "Let our hard work and military training show them why they do not belong here." His soldiers cheering was enthusiastic, but paled in comparison to the song coming from the Trollblood lines.

Turn 1 Khador - Yuri kills the LR in front of him, thats about all those three manage to do. His mortar flings a shot at the EBDT missing. His pikemen move up to take away the middle lane his Man-O-Wars move up to block their side with the Bears running up along my forest side wall. Beast moves up towards the wall accross from my Champs getting into counter-charge position.

Turn 2 Trolls -
I can see that the bulk of my army is out of position and if I keep heading up the left side with my Champs it will be bad news so I feat with Grissel and run up the middle lane leaning right to force him down the left side or into my Champs, maybe a bad use of the feat just for Hoof It on everything but it seemed like a good idea. The Champs almost get into melee with the Pikemen but they have no charge. One of the Hero gets dangled out to Beast for Charge meat and my other Hero and Fel Caller get into countercharge position along with the Mauler. KSB again does the no blast aura. The EBDT gets a charge off on the Greylords killing two of them. The Longriders take out Yuri, the Manhunter, and Gundrun goes down the first time.

Yuri checked to make sure the huge buffalo riding cavalry of the Trolls was far away still. Maybe intimidating to others, Yuri was not impressed. He knew his job and did it well, today would be no exception. He looked down to loosen his weapon from its scabard as he looked back up he was face to face with a Buffalo and an Axe weilding Troll. Maybe they were a little intimidating after all?

Turn 2 Khador -
His Greylord hits the EBDT for no damage, the Pikement finagle around the EBDT hurting him bad and not doing much to the champs. His mortar nails my charge bait Hero but doesn't do much damage. Gundrun kills two Longriders. Beast takes the bait and charges the Hero killing it. The Widowmakers and Keil take some potshots missing most of them. The Bears and ManOWars move up to countercharge position behind Beast. My shifting right put his ManOWars and Bears out of position to do much else.

Turn 3 Trolls -
KSB goes first doing the +2 Str aura. Grissel hits the pikemen with her upkeep and calls the lone remaining hero to give him another attack and keeps one fury for transfers. The EBDT tramples the last Greylord missing and eating a free strike then stuffs the Mortar Crew in his mouth with some bought attacks. The last few LR try to kill Gundrun reducing him to one wound. Fel Caller Charges Beast rolling friggin awesome on damage and giving much of my army +2 attack. The Mauler rages on the Hero. And then Charges Beast finishing him off. The hero takes advantage of boundless charge +5 Str and +2 Mat to take out two of the three Bears. The Champs kill all but three pikemen including their standard. Pretty good turn for Trolls.

Turn 3 Khador - Seeing an opening and having lost quite a few troops he goes for the caster kill. Feats with Irusk casts the stupid cloud over my Champs and Charges Grissel with the Pikemen leaving her with 5 wounds. He tries to snipe her to death but cannot hit. Gundran kills another LR the ManOWars move into the Champs killing One, and the Greylord charges Grissel missing her. Moves Keil up to block the charge lane from the Hero.

Turn 4 Trolls - KSB does +2 Str again. My Champs kill all but one ManOWar, the scribes Mauler and last LR surround Grissel. The Hero misses Keil and the EBDT snacks on the Wardog.

Turn 4 Khador -
Sensing he is near done he uses Irusk and the Widowmakers to kill three Champs and Gundran charges the last LR hurting him.

Turn 5 Trolls - KSB +2 Str aura, Rage on the Hero, War Cry from the Fel Caller, and three dead Champs = Mat 13 PS 21 Hero. The Hero moves around Keil and Beats Irusk to a pulp. Game Over.

The Hero tried not to show off for Grissel. He knew she would no longer take a mate since the unfortunate loss of her last one. But he could hope coulnd't he? He saw the Human commander and knew he could get to him. He could feel strength pour into him from their sacred stone and then felt the rage of a Mauler coursing through his veins. That coupled with the loss of some of his friends told him it was time to do what he did best. Live or die, he would impress Grissel by putting that Human leader into her stewpot.His axe carved deep into the human's side, but his backswing came up flat knocking the human out cold instead of killing him. Upset that his axe did not finish the job he risked a glance at Grissel to see her smiling of all things, "The Mauler's Rage served you well, I am glad you showed enough restraint not to kill him." Gaining courage from her friendliness he decided to ask her to share some Whelp ale with him...


  1. Anonymous28 May, 2009

    Ummm...ToM...he no speak...he said nothing of the kind...but...you did win...this time! ;-)