09 November 2009

Borka vs Seige Battle Report

Not the first time Borka wished his Keg Carrier would stop bathing in their Kegs of Whelp Ale. He had to admit though that it seemed to be bringing him luck. Luck for Borka often meant warriors around him died, but those that fought along his side knew he would always go where the battle was thickest. He crushed another mug of ale and began tapping his mace on his knees... he needed action, this forest was getting boring.

"We have found some enemies," Seige's Gun Mage Captain reported, "a small group of Trolls have wandered too far into our territory sir." Seige didn't dislike the Trolls, in fact he had fought beside them on more than one occaision and found them to be more honorable than most humans. That and the punishment they could both take and dish out in hand to hand combat was downright legendary. His orders were clear however, all invaders to this part of Cygnarian territory were to be eliminated. There was too much secrecy in Cygnar right now. Trolls were nasty in hand to hand combat, which is why he planned to shoot them do death. He signaled his officers, whitout a word they sprang into action. Respect for the Trolls was one thing, but his duty to Cygnar came first.

My Army
Borka Kegslayer
Pyg Keg Carrier
Dire Troll Mauler
Krielstone Bearer and Stone Scribes
Trollkin Champions
Fell Caller
Fell Caller
Trollkin Hero
Trollkin Hero
Stone Scribe Elder

His Army (I think)
Major Markus 'Siege' Brisbane
Black 13th Gun Mage Strike Team
Journeyman Warcaster
Stormguard 10/10?
Gun Mage Captain Adept
Reinholdt, Gobber Speculator

Our Map was full of terrain with a couple low diagonal walls in the middle with a blocking silo off the middle left. A couple of big forests close on each left side, with a small treeline running up the right side.

Cygnar won the roll and opted to go first.

Cygnar - His Stormguard were right up the middle with his jack, caster and solos right behind them. The B13 lined up along my left flank.
Trolls - Everything in the middle of course. Though two Fel Callers and one Hero did line up accross from the B13.

Turn 1
Cygnar - The B13 headed straight into the forest running to get there. The Stormguard also run right up the middle. Seige shields the SG and moves up and to my right behind them.
Trolls - Champs run to the first low wall in the middle. Both Fel Callers and a Hero run towards the B13 falling a few inches short of melee. Mauler and the other Hero hang back putting the silo in between Cygnar and themselves. Borka casts mosh pit but forgets to hit the Hero in front of the B13 with Bum Rush.

"Hang back you Bone Headed, Sons of Brag." Borka gave his men a free hand, but if they didn't listen to him the few times he had orders for them then he would let them die of their own choices. Seeing the Fel Callers run out into the open to be shot by the Cygnarian Troops was foolish for Battle hardened warriors. Live or die, those three would not be sharing his Ale with him anytime in the near future.

Turn 2
Cygnar - Sure enough my mistake costs me the lives of a Hero and a Fel Caller to the B13. The SG move up just out of range for Champs to charge and stop. Not wanting to kill Kenny Ground Pounder hits the Champs doing little damage. The Gun Mage moves over to shoot at the other Hero behind the Silo and hits him for four damage. Seige leaves the SG shielded and his jack takes a shot at the Mauler but is out of range.
Trolls - Fel Caller stabs Rian to death and is pretty much done, alone with the remaining two B13 means he will probably die on his next turn. Champs run to engage the SG, Borka upkept Mosh pit and moves up hoping to bounce of bomb off the jack and into reinholdt but it misses and drifts intot he SG doing no damage. Borka casts Bum Rush on the Hero and then Kenny LQ's Borka and moves up and in front of him. Stone casts +2 Armor and stands right next to Kenny.

"That Troll looks to be almost the same size as the legendary Slaughterborn," the Journeyman commented to no one in particular. To wich Seige replyed, "I know him, stay back and shoot him if you want to live. His name is Borka, and his ability to smash up his enemies is almost as great as his ability to drink." Seige could see the battle unfolding and knew it to be a rout. Borka's front line was nearly collaspsed, his flanking warriors were destroyed and his beast looked pretty hurt. Accompanied by little losses on his side and it was a bad day for Borka... It looked as though Borka didn't care and was even drinking, and was that little Troll actually bathing in the keg?

Turn 3
Cygnar - The B13 Finish off the last Fel Caller. Gun Mage shoots at the Stone killing the sacrificial scribe behind him. Seige activates and feats but is reluctant to use Ground Pounder near Borka for fear of killing Kenny the Keg Carrier. The jack shoots the Mauler cutting its life in half and the SG kill three Champs one of them making tough, Mosh pit doesnt work as his SG are lined up in two rows.

Borka relized he would be taking matters into his own hands, his Mauler Dave had already suggested it crudely. The Mauler was acutally learning to speak a crude version of the common Troll tongue. "Kenny get out of that Keg and bring me the whole keg," Slaying the Keg he nodded to Dave and once again Borka got a flying lesson.

Trolls - Having lost too many warriors and not killed enough of his stuff I decide its time to go for it. The remaining three Champs kill a few stormguard on the end trying to open a lane for Borka. The Stone moves up as far as is and and Pops the +2 STR aura. Kenny activates and puts LQ on Borka. The Mauler goes next putting Rage on Borka and steps up behind him to throw, Borka nearly Str checks out of the throw but the drift of 2" directly toward the gobber puts him in pefect position. Borka then activates and proceeds to beat Seige's face in, @ POW20 it is dice -1 on damage. Borka boosts to hit on the first attack and does 15 damage on four dice, buys a second attack boosts to hit and damage dealing an additional 14 damage ending it for Seige.

The last thing seige remembered was seeing Borka flying directly towards him through the air, thrown by his Dire Troll. Borka hit the ground running and promptly bashed Siege in the head. Seige was dazed seeing spots before his eyes, he tried focusing on his warcaster ability to aid him but his mind was too fuzzy. As he looked up at Borka he saw the mace coming at him again unable to scramble out of the way everything went black. He awoke in a clearing with waht was left of his army, some Storm Guard and two Black 13 members. "The Gun Mage has left to get help," Lynch said, "They destroyed any who resisted along with our jacks and left us with a small keg of their brew." Seige chuckled and wondered why Borka had left him alive.

Synopsis - Running up the Fel Callers was supposed to be a distraction for the B13 so they could get killed allowing the hero to Bum Rush them. A good tactic IF you remember to cast bum rush. Mosh Pit was useless against a ranged army. I will miss the Borka Bomb in MKII.


  1. Where is the SR4 tournament report as promised? I'm dying over here, sheesh.

  2. I promised no such report, I was going to do some commentary but decided against it due to time and inconsistency... I will try to make the next tourney report glamorous.

  3. A favored tactic, Flying 'X', alas, in MK II gone like the Dodo.
    Nice parting shot though!!

  4. I think the left over SG, JWC, and B13 could of mopped up after Borka went flying.

  5. Hey I'm a totally new player and I went with trolls so I'm glad I came across your blog. I actually am composing a Borka army and this little battle report gave me some great insight. I'm curious though, how do you know they will be taking away Borka's bomb attack in MKII? Also, considering I'm just getting to know the rules right as they're going to be introducing new ones I'm a bit lost with the whole MK II thing. Do you think that Borka is going to be changed for the better or worse?

  6. They changed the mechanic when you are immune to knockdown on the turn you would normally be knockedown you still forfeight your movement or action that turn. So if you knock yourself down its bad, but if you opponent does the turn before then your okay. Hopefully they do something to help us get around that OR they improve us to the point of making it worth the loss. I'd prefer the latter.