19 November 2009

MKII League 2010

Starting January 7th and going until February 12th. We will be doing a homebrew league every Thursday. Each week will have incentives that can be used for small in game advantages.

Week 1 - Duels - Assassination
Week 2 - Brawl - Objectives
Week 3 - Duels - Scenario
Week 4 - Duo-Duels - Assassination
Week 5 - Brawl - Objectives
Week 6 - Duels - Scenario

I will post more details when we get closer and welcome suggestions from anyone, especially those playing on what will be played.


  1. Gotta say, very excited to hear how it all develops

  2. Suggestion 1: Do it on Saturdays so I can roll up there and destroy you all.