22 January 2010

Bouncer takes one over Mortenebra.

With the MKII rules almost becoming final, I remain a bit underwhemled by most the Trollblood lights.  PS13 just seems a little wimpy.  But I digress, played a 35 point game last night against Mortenebra and who was the shining game winner... The Bouncer.  At Dice minus 5 for Damage and needing to roll 11s to hit the old boy came through with a couple of face smashing blows to her face winning the game for me.  I have to say this about him.  Its the first time he has EVER killed anything for me ever!  Granted I have only brought him a handful of times, but most often he gets in the way and softens stuff up before he dies horribly.


1 comment:

  1. I was rather under the impression that was what he was for...