30 April 2010

How to win by PPS_Mod:Josh

This post was orginally posted HERE on the Privateer Press Forums by PPS_MOD JOSH.  It sums things up nicely and so I wanted to include it here.

If you're reading this, it's because of one of two reasons. The first is that you saw a thread started by a red name and you're curious to see what I have to say. The other is that you're interested in finding out how to win. I'll do my best to make it worth your while either way.

You see, I just read yet another topic discussing faction imbalances, and how a particular model is overpowered. There have been topics like this since the beginning, back when people eagerly awaited the chance to pick up the shiny new Cygnar and Protectorate battle boxes.

So I figured it was about time to explain how you can win, regardless of faction, point total, or army list. I expect some of you will ignore this and move on. Hopefully others will read it, think about it, and rely upon it.

Step 1. Define Winning.

How do you win a scenario? That's straightforward. Every scenario has certain victory conditions. If you complete those victory conditions, you have won. If you fail to do so, you've lost.

Step 2. Identify Your Enemy.

Again, this is straightforward. Your enemy is an individual or group of individuals who are attempting to prevent you from winning. This may not be their victory conditions, but at the very least it is inherently contradictory to your own.

Step 3. Focus On Your Goal.

Do not become sidetracked. Do not allow your enemies to distract you. You're here to achieve something, so do it. Any action you take that takes you further away from achieving your goal is to be avoided.

Step 4. Proceed.

You have your victory conditions, you know who stands in your way, and you're focused on success. So you're ready to begin. It's time to get started.

By now you're either confused or you think this whole thing is a bunch of self-evident tripe. Either way you understand everything I've said so far. It makes sense. It's obvious. You probably do this already. So why am I sharing this?

1. You Win By Having Fun.

"The objective is to win. The goal is to have fun." I didn't say that, I'm quoting it because it's true. You play these games to have fun. Just because your toy soldiers completed their victory conditions doesn't mean you have. You can 'win' and still lose if you walk away from the table disappointed, unhappy, or angry.

2. Your Enemy Is Not Your Opponent.

The person opposite the table? Not necessarily your enemy. He may be, but more often than not, he isn't. He's someone with the same goals you have. He's here to play a game and have fun doing so.

3. Focus On Making It Enjoyable.

Preventing your opponent from having fun doesn't achieve anything. It's a distraction. It makes you his enemy, and it means he's going to be your enemy. That moves you away from your own goals.

4. Proceed.

You're here to have fun. So is your opponent. You know what you're here to do, and you know what will get in the way of that. So you're ready to begin.

Do you get it yet?

This is the secret to the game. To every game. It's something that's easy to forget, particularly if you get focused on your army's goals rather than your own.

If someone complains about your army or units you field being overpowered, talk to your opponents. Find out how they feel about playing against you. If they're not having fun, they're your enemy, and you are theirs. You can better achieve your goal of having fun if you have no enemies. So be willing to adjust your list or play style- it moves you closer to your goal.

If they don't care? Don't worry about it. If your opponents are having fun, complaints about balance are a distraction. You're busy worrying rather than having fun yourself. Ignore the complaints and get on with the game.

If you're not having fun, tell your opponent. It's in their interest to make sure you're not an enemy. Make sure you don't become theirs. Don't insult them or accuse them of having an unfair advantage. Explain that you're not having fun, and try to come to a solution. If your play styles are just too different, shake hands and walk away. You both benefit, and you both stand a better chance of winning.

That's how you win. No matter your faction, point total, army list, or anything else. Four steps. One goal.

Got it?


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