18 May 2010

Invitational Games

So the invitational has come and gone.  Hopefully I will get more up later but here was my record for the weekend.

Leto Trolls vsVinter Cygnar ~ Win
Grim Trolls vs Stryker Cygnar ~ Win
eMadrak Trolls vs Menoth Vlad? ~ Loss
Grim Trolls vs McBain Mercs ~ Win
pDoomy Trolls vs pMakeda Skorne ~ Win
Leto Trolls & Caine Cygnar vs Coven Cryx & pMakeda Skorne ~ Loss
eDoomy Trolls & eStryker Cygnar vs pMorghoul Skorne & Coven Cryx ~ Win
pMadrak Trolls vs Old Witch Circle ~ Loss
Grissel Trolls & eStryker Cygnar vs Vlad & Reznik? Menoth ~ Loss
Grissel Trolls vs Harbringer Menoth ~ Win
Grissel Trolls vs eThagrosh Legion ~ Win
Borka Trolls vs eButcher Khador ~ Loss

Overall record (team games counting when my caster fell in relation to opponents, in this case all team games they both lived when I died or vice versa, no tradeoffs.)

Working on a battle report for the game against Mercs, but I wont be able to post it until his stats are released.\

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