04 March 2011

Show Me Your Caber Contest Results

Without further delay I give you the results of our 'Show Me Your Caber' contest.

Receiving the most votes from my conscripted, unpaid, and rather motley crew of voters I give you our winner

Russ and his Caber(s)

Russ will be the proud owner of another Caber and also be subject to future scrutiny from The Scrum. 

Randomly picked from our other contestants:
Matt & Joedj will also receive Cabers just for participating.

And arguable our luckiest winner of all.  The proud owner of a brand new shiny Whelp:

Thank you all for your paticipation and we look forward to a new addition to The Scrum in the form of a painting and modeling section.

Here are some of the other submissions.


  1. I attribute his victory entirely to his choice of a brilliant, insightful and sexy photographer. Yeah, that's it. Nothing to do with those T-bloods of his being masterpieces or anything.

    Seriously, we're thinking about disqualifying him from painting contests on the grounds that every single one he shows up for turns into 'who's coming second to Russ, then?' - and he keeps winning games and being nice, too! The man is some sort of hobby da Vinci, I swear!

  2. Wow! Thanks very much guys! I must than von for his awesome skills with the camera, and point out that he'll soon be shackled to my table until he has photographed all my army. :)

    I just got up this morning planning to assemble mulg and saw this. Awesome! Well done to all who entered and thanks to Dallas for a great blog!