08 April 2011

Player Spotlight ~ Saerko

Here at The Scrum we have decided to periodically showcase a Trollblood player.  Saerko is an invaluable member to the online Trollblood community and has taken the leadership role on the forums in organizing help documents and well as co-ordinating efforts for the league.  So, without further ado, we give you some insight to one of our fearless leaders (and hopefully soon to be contributor) Saerko.

Tell us a little bit about youself and your gaming habits?

I've been playing this game since about 2006, when I was so broke as a student I glued wooden threadspools to 30-50mm bases made of cereal box paper in order to play minis games. WM/H was something a friend and I tried out one day, and I wasn't sold on it. I thought the assassination aspect was dumb, the rules were too complex and the setting was uninteresting. In retrospect, I have eaten all of those words.

I game weekly, sometimes less, sometimes more. I have a habit of bringing everything I own to the store on the off chance I want to play a particular list, which is starting to get tough with 200+ points of Trollbloods rattling around in my twin transports. I tend to favor lists that are focused on grinding attrition rather than assassination, and I like to fight an aggressive game. If there's a situation where I could win for sure by holding back or just press forward anyway and damn the torpedoes, I slam full speed ahead. I guess that's why I'm not a Cygnar player.

Where you game and/or where you’re from?

I game at Showcase Comics in Bryn Mawr, just outside of Philadelphia, PA. I also jump at the opportunity to play in houses and basements if offered, because it's casual and you cut out the people you'd rather not bump into at the store (you know, that guy). I'm originally from Oregon though, or at least that what I tell people. It's only half a lie.

What got you into Trollbloods?

I got into minis by playing Dawn of War as the Orks, so it was a natural shift. I started with Khador, but at the time didn't know about Hordes, and in hindsight I've always been a Trollblood player. The moment I became completely sold on the faction was when I saw the entry for Grissel Bloodsong in Primal though. It was like they had built my perfect warlock, and just planted her in the book saying "hey, thanks for sticking with PP" and I was all like "Word, bro".

Gamer first or Painter first? And why?

Gamer. If they made a pre-painted line for this game, I would buy it. I hate painting, I suck at it because I hate doing it, and at this point I've got a good enough job that I can pay other people to paint my stuff for me who actually enjoy it, which ends up being a win-win for everybody. In fact, I could play it without the figs too...I did use threadspools glued to card stock for a year.

Favorite Trollblood sculpt?

Mulg. He just looks like him means business, and his business is pain.

Favorite Trolblood model Rules?

Also Mulg. I get a little stirring in my loins every time an opponent triggers Protective Fit.

Gaming Drink of choice?

Urban Riesling--I also wear a tie with clip while I game. Y'know, keepin' it classy.

Most memorable Trollbood moment?

Watching Mulg beat Molik Karn to death on my opponent's turn. That was damn near priceless.

Shameless plugs for anything?

Making Terrain is Madness

Going to Lock and Load? If so what events you thinking about?

Not going. My job has blacked out vacation for that period, and the idea of taking my transports on a plane gives me the shakes.

What would it take to get you to appear on The Scrum regularly with your musings and ravings?

Is that an invitation? I'm not sure how regular you're looking for, but I'd do what I could.

Cake, Pie or Icecream?

Are they chocolate? Then YES.

Anything else you have to say...

Carry on my wayward sons--there'll be peace when we are done. (Pictures soon)

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