24 April 2011

Quick and Dirty Painting - RESULTS!

Well...after some seriously hot contention between what would be painted, and what would not, the Long Riders have finally beaten out the Earthborn form my next project. This was won by a mere 5 votes mind you. So, I have decided immediately proceeding this project my Earthborn will hit the table. So Starting Monday I will be beginning work on my Long Riders.

This will be an interesting journey because someone had offered to paint these for me some time ago and half heartedly started. The scheme wasn't too my liking and they never really had any intention of finishing them so I decided to strip and repaint them. Below is the state they are in as well as my table in disarray with the projects I have lined up. One of which was a result of one of my canines. At any rate, here's the BEFORE....but you'll have to wait for the after.

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