04 October 2011

Journeyman League, Carnivore Style

Greeting from the land of the swamp pits!  Phreaker187 here once again moving away from Cygnar for a good 6 weeks and jumping on the back of Barnibus and friends.

Throw out a quick rundown of the league so far.  Standard rules apply, with an optional custom battle box for us old schoolers that have been playing for over 2 years.  Oh yeah, you can count your 4 best games of the week, this rule helps out us old timers that can't live at the LGS.  :)

Week 1:  Gator Battle Box (Barnibas, Wrasstler, Spitter, 11pts.)
Sorry about the pics, the lighting in my house sucks.

Week 1 I only managed to play 3 games (darn wife and kids ;)) polished off Cygnar, Khador, and Mercs.  Cygnar came the closest to winning me; with a special thanks to pStrykers feat, +5 ARM is devastating against Gators.  Khador learned about the Barny bomb the hard way.  Wrasstler tossed Barnibas at Zerkova, cast rise, Barny eats face.  Mercs (our loyal blog master), watched his Dwarven gun bunnies dissolve under a hail of Spitter acid, while hiding in a swamp pit.  Undefeated Week 1.  Gator battle box rules!

Week 2: Gator Battle Box + Snapper (14pts.)

What could possibly make the high ARM gators better?  More ARM!  with the addition of the 3 point Bull Snapper you gain not only an amazing solo hunter, but the most important addition of the Spiny Growth animus.  Barnibas was really not afraid of dying while walking around the board at an astounding ARM 21.  Barny himself won every game week 2 via caster kill.  Week 2 Baldur, pVlad, (both custom battle boxes) and the pesky Mercs (blog master) fell victim to the mighty gators!  Swamp pit and high ARM were definitely the MVP's of this week.  Such denial is just sick and wrong at this low of a point level.

Week 3: Gator Battle Box +Snapper + Full Posse + Croak Hunter (25 pts.)

Yeah, yeah, I know this picture is balls, but what'cha gonna do?  What's a Gator army without Gatormen Posse?  Seriously, Iron Flesh and Veil of Mists on these guys is bonkers.  DEF 16, ARM 19 is a fantastic tar pit unit.  I imagine they will soak a lot of damage and dish out quite a bit while I position key pieces (beasts, warlock) into place, then the heavies will strike and mop up whatever is left.  I just tossed in the Croak Hunter because I had 2 extra points to spend and he seemed nice.  Croak will probably just hide in trees and toss spears at single wound models and any solo that wants to wander into the open.  Croaky does have Gang and Poison, which could come into play trying to finish off a light beast or something on the charge.

Well, I'm undefeated so far with Gators, but I don't want to toot my own horn yet.  There's still three weeks to go and they could all be full of fail.  Gators really struggle with high ARM opponents and when the points get higher, more and more heavy 'jacks hit the table.

Until next time!

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