05 October 2011

The Scrum Cast E.2

Once again we have toiled to bring you all another hour of Trollboody podcasting goodness.  In our quest to provide you with only the best we have fired our assistant writer 'Gobber Stoog Noodlepeck' for typing with his mic on.  Once we find out which Gobber brought his Bees and Dog to the studio they will be promptly fed to our Head of Security 'Dire Troll Gino Rageopoli'

In this Feature packed Pocast we have for you:
- A super special Guest!
- Pass The Keg
- Upcoming Events
- Warlock Spotlight - Gunnbjorn
- Sand Narrows & Trollbloods
- Power Level and Trolls
- Crackpot Theory - Sluggers
(Note Audio streams from both ears, if you have one ear you will only hear some of us... TrollbloodScrum, pushing the revolution to listen with two ears instead of one since 604 AR)

Download E.2
Alternate Download

Stay tuned for our next podcast where we will showcase our in house painter Sid and our new voice for random plugs the smoothtalking Charity.

1 comment:

  1. Hey I love listening to these! If you could maybe post some links to some of the things you guys talk about I would really appreciate. Oh, and maybe the song too!