29 December 2011

Breast Cancer Brawl ~ Thrullg Auction

When we mentioned we were doing a Breast Cancer Brawl in our local lgs the Hero Clix players got on board as well.  This quickly degenerated into a friendly competition to see who can earn more towards the brawl Warmachine/Hordes or Hero Clix.  As part of our plan to utterly crush the Clix players we have decided to start a series of Blind Auctions here on The Scrum.

How it works.
1- We will present a model here (and on the side bar) for those of you interested to bid on, including an end time.
2- Bidding will be done via email to thegreatblah@trollbloodscrum.com
3- Bidders will not know whether they are the highest bid or not untill the end time, though we will happily let you know if you are the highest bidder or not.
4- Bidders may increase their bids at anytime if they feel their original bid is too low.
5- Winners will be announced (unless they wish to remain silent) and upon receipt of the donation and mailing information the item will be mailed promptly.
6- All donations gained from auctioned models will be included in our lgs total Brawl donation to the Hunstman Cancer Treatment Center in Logan, UT.


First up in our line of auction items is our Breast Cancer Survivor 'Thrullg'  painted by our own Skywise.

This Pink Bellied Thrullg appears to be coming out of the sewers of a Western Immoren town.  Whether they actually live under the cities of Immoren normally, our survivor continues to adapt and press on when lesser Thrullg would perish.

This Breast Cancer Survivor will be available for auction untill Midnight MST January 2, 2012.  Send your bids to thegreatblah@trollbloodscrum.com

Next up the rare pink bellied Croak Hunter, also on our list of cancer survivors.

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