15 December 2011

eGrissel vs Garryth 25 points

Grissel knew Cylena Reyfall and her Nyss Hunters well, which made Horthol's report much more dire.  He had caught sight of a member of her band speaking with what appeared to be a mounted elf...  She hadn't seen one in person but from Grim's description she knew them to be unfriendly.  Not exactly at war with the non-humans they still didn't shy away from fighting the Trollkin whenever they encountered them.  Grissel and he band we not very stealthy so they setup in a small clearing around a pond and waited watchfully for any signs the Iosians had decided to set upon them.

Cylena didn't like fighting against the Trollbloods, though it seemed her current contract demanded it of her.  She knew Garryth to be quite capable, but having fought alongside Grissel on a few occaisions she knew the Trollkin Fell Caller to be especially tough and those that fought with her fought with considerable toughness even among the Kith and Kriel.  He scout returned to inform her that they had found Grissel's encampment and that she appeared ready... they must have seen one of those Destors traveling with Garryth as they were the only part of the band that couldn't blend into the trees with ease.  "Report to the Iosian Warcaster," she barked to her hunter and he immediately sped off into the woods.  It would be unfortunate if something were to happen to Grissel, Garryth would be paying her a bonus for certain for eliminating one of her best clients.

My List
Grissel Bloodsong, Marshal of the Kriels
>Earthborn Dire Troll
>ImpalerHorthol, Long Rider Hero
Trolkin Long Riders (Min)
Kriel Stone Bearer & Stone Scribes
>Stone Scribe Elder

His List
Garryth, Blade of Retribution
Mage Hunter Assassin
Mage Hunter Assassin
Dawnguard Destors (Full)
Nyss Hunters (Full)

Grissel began her song immediately upon sight on the dimunitive Iosians... compared to her LongRiders even their horses looked to small to be dangerous.  That was deceiving of course, for even though she could see the Iosians it was difficult to pinpoint the individuals.  The Iosian warcaster Grinned at her with a cocky smiled that send shivers down her spine.

The Plan: The goal here is actually to get our Girl Grissel up into the action.  Her Feat will be used after the front line has close to help with defense and to help those that arent quite close enough get up in there as well.   Knock em Down and Mop em up, Betwee Grissel and the LR I should be able to knock down what I need to to create lanes for Grissel and the Earthborn to get up intot the mess.  Dash should help her walk right up to a caster and end them... we would hope.  Janissa and her wall, along with the EBDT and the Stone should help her and the LR wether the storm effectively to do what they need to do.

Weaknesses: Steady, opponents that won't fall down will make this list less effective becuase it will be more difficult to make the necessary lanes.  Lots of infantry, if they can Jam effectively I'll be second guessing my lack of scattergunners nearly every time.

The Blade of Retribution almost chuckled at the big clumsy Trollkin, though he knew better.  This particular band was nothing more than a diversion from him main target, but good practice for his small force to hone their skills against the toughened Trollkin.  He recognized Grissel immediately when she began her song, it was powerful and carried with it waves of Dhunian magic unique to her race.  He would relish the opportunity to fight and defeat someone of her repuation.

Setup: There was an eight in forest on the left and right side centered in the middle of the board, a 4" pond right in the center and a 6" long wall  to each players left just outside of the deployment zones.

Trolls: I rolled higest and opted to go first.  I setup the EBDT accross from the pond with the Lonriders on my left the Impaler, Horthol and Kriel stone on my center right with eGrissel right in the middle of the board.
Retribution: He deployed his destors accross from my Long Riders, with his Griffon right in the middle and the Nyss behind the wall.  Garryth took the middle with the Griffon and his two Assassins went up my right flank accross from Horthol.

Grissel signaled the advance and immediately Horthol and the Longriders spurned their mounts on.   As they advanced things quickly turned against them as an Iosian seemed to materialize in front of Horthol, missing him with its wicked chain weapon it cut his mounts head clean off.  At the same time the lead Longrider went down in a hail of bullets from the opposing Cavalry.   Her worry for Horthol passed as she saw him roll to his feet and continue his charge toward the unique looking lone Warjack the opposing Warcaster had brought.

Turn 1:
Trolls:Grissel loads up the stone keeping a fury and charges a Destor to get closer to the pond.  The Earthborn tramples up to Grissel and casts his animus on her.  My Longriders run at the Destors with one out front and two behind. Horthol moves up to block the Assassins lane and the stone pops his aura and charges a Destor to get up close to Grissel.  The Impaler hangs back a little to lend some support.
Retribution: He moves his Destors up and takes a bunch of pot shots at the front longrider eventually killing him.  One Assassin unhorses Horthol the other one runs around the flank.  Nyss move up to the wall and hide behind in in triangle clusters of Three.  The Griffon heads toward the pond to threaten Grissel and Garryth hangs back leaning towards his Destors.

Garryth nodded in satisfaction as the first two Bison riders seemed to fall and signaled the Nyss to move up and fire.  The thought crossed his mind that this would be a quick easy battle, but that though immediately was replaced with a grin as he saw a Bison rider roll to it's feet and continue it's charge as if nothing had happened.  Grinning he moved up and took aim on the remaining Bison riders.

Cylena moved up to begin her attack when Grissel's and her eyes met.  Then Grissel sent a blast of sonic energy at her and Garryth.  As she ordered the Nyss closest to her to scatter the stone wall in front of them erupted as peices of it shattered, she saw three of her Hunters fall shortly before the large stone peice clipped her in the side of the head sending her into blackness.  Grissel then sang a song of protection to her forces helping them shrug off blows that would normally lay them low.

Turn 2:
Trolls: The Impaler steps up and Farstrikes Grissel and then hangs back to catch an Assassin in case he keep running around the flank.  Grissel goes next casting Dash then moves up into the pond a lobs the 4" AOE that stays in play at Garryth, missing him due to stealth but drifting onto Reyfall killing her and four other Hunters, she ends her turn by feating.  The Stone Scribes pop aura with strength and charge one of them getting into range of the Assassin engaged with Horthol two others bloking the charge lane for the other one.  They end up rolling the 9 to hit killing the assassin mixing it up with Horthol.  Horthol charges the Griffon and misses but ties it up nicely.  The reaming two Longriders Charge the Destors (thanks to Dash they have range)  Between some Impact attacks and the charges two destors lay dead and the remaining destor is knocked down.  The Earthborn steps up next to Grissel and casts his animus on a Longrider.
Retribution:His Destors start by trying to kill longriders and succeed in forcing a tough roll on one of them but he makes the roll.  He remaining assassin runs all the way to behind my battlegroup (man those babes are fast).  His remaining Nyss step up and shoot some Scribes killing one but a few of them die also thanks to the cloud.  Griffon wails on Horthol but doesn't do too much damage thanks to the Stone and Unyeilding.  Garryth moves over and finishes off a Longrider and feats.

Impressed at the Durability of the Bison riders Garryth took matters into his own hands felling the closest of them with his pistols then unleasing his latent magic ability to disrupt spell casting from the oncoming Trollkin Warlock.  He urged his Griffon to attack the stubborn Bison rider now on foot to no avail, the burly Troll just shook off the hit as if it didn't even hurt him.  The remaining Hunters fought on dropping some Trolls around the rune carved stone and he smiled, his other assassin was closing in behind the Warcaster and she would soon be pinched between himself and his assassin.

Turn 3:
Trolls: Horthol wacks the Griffon and Critically Staggers it, the Impaler Farstrikes Grissel and then stabs the last assassin to death.  The Scribes charge the remaining Nyss and the Griffon and kill the Griffon and a Nyss tieing the rest up.  Grissel goes next and AOE's the rest of the Nyss to death (along with a Scribe), she then sprays at Garryth but fails to hit him.  The Last Longriders takes out the remaining Destors Giving the Earthborn a lane to Garryth, I choose to move in an attack boosting to hit (instead of using the fury to buy a charge) it only takes one hit to do the job after missing the first two attacks.

As Garryth spun and took aim at the singing Trollkin everything started to fall apart.  The burly Trollkin fighting his griffon hit it so hard that he temporarily lost his mental connection to it.  His last Destor fell to the final Bison rider as the Bison and Troll stood up from a blow that should have ended them.  The singing Trollkin Warlock used the power of her voice to rip apart the reamining hunters and his Griffon. Thinking to take one more shot he changed his mined as the largest Troll he had ever seen stomped trhough the pond right up to him.  It swung a few times missing him but it's third attack send him careening back into the the woods.  Injured he slipped away once again reminding himself that his battle was with the humans... the Trollkin could wait.

As Cylena came to she realized her injuries had been tended to and she was sitting by a campfire, she looked up to see Grissel watching her intently, "I have work for you, though you will need to find some more Hunters to join you to get the job done..."

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