03 January 2012

Scrum Painting Challenge

Alright folks.  This is where we find out who has the Grit.  Where we separate the men from the boys and go ahead and add some other cliché phrase in there.  Today I issue this challenge to the Scrum readers and the Trollblood forums.

1 Model Per Week Challenge!

I will be taking submissions from our readers and yes writers every week for this Challenge.  The goal, to be fully painted by Lock n Load.  I did a similar challenge for myself painting up my hardcore list last year and it was a great way to motivate myself.

Here are the Rules:

1. A commitment e-mail stating your  Forum name and faction(non Trolls welcome) stating you will send me a picture of ONE completed model each week to be featured on the scrum.  This means even just one model in a unit, but only one model must be completed weekly.   Submit to Goris@trollbloodscrum.com

2. Models MUST adhere to Hardcore 2011/12 standards of painting and basing.

3.  All submission for the week are due Fridays before midnight(PST).  In prep for posting on Saturday.

4.  All submissions will featured on The Scrum and all failures to complete will be posted as well.  So we will all openly mock you.

5.  This Challenge starts January 15th and will persist up until the last week before Lock n Load.  I understand this will be a long process, but it's a good way to motivate(guilt) everyone into painting their Trolls.

6.  Upon completion those who succeed in the challenge with but entered into a drawing to win a spectacular prize!  We don't know what that is yet, but it'll be awesome!

So dive in folks and let's see some of your work and good luck from The Scrum!


  1. What are "hardcore" paint standards?

  2. You can find it under the sanctioned tournament rules. Basically it says you need to use at least 3 colors, different materials (i.e. metal and leather) must be different colors, and based.

    Depending on how big of a jerk a TO wants to be they can reject a model for chips or a rushed paint job.