09 February 2012

Grissel1 vs Grissel2

Having run the table in our Dire Brackets we pit Grissel Bloodsong, Fel Caller against her newest incarnation Grissel Bloodsong Marshall of the Kriels.

Goris will be running pGrissel with his in your face aggressive attitude versus Bakaryu finessing eGrissel to victory. 

This match is being played live on Vassal, and we encourage you all to attend.
When: TODAY Thursday 09, 2012 6PM Pacific Time
Where: VASSAL/Skype

Talking and typing in Skype will be allowed and encouraged UNLESS it interferes with the game too much, then I will create a separate Skype chat so we can talk about their game while they are playing so as to not inturrupt their game.

Steamroller 2012  50 point list (one list)
Time Limit: There will be no time limit per turn, round, or match.
Scenario: #17 - Diversion (Radial Scenario)

NOTE: We reserve the right to publically humiliate the loser of this match all over The Scrum, Scrum Cast, and PP Forums. 

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  1. Just had to do this when I cannot watch!