29 February 2012

Sid's Shenanigans! - 02/26/2012

Sid's Shenanigans! - 02/26/2012

I do apologize for the delay in posting, but much like Goris, Life sometimes take priority. So I want to do a little 'catch-up' with what I had in mind for painting posts.

   First, I want to mention that I loved reading the Vox Populi post on LHR, and seeing those theme forces painted. So, I wanted to get a theme force painted too, even though Vox Populi is over. I will be posting what I have been painting for Borka's Family Reunion theme force. I really love this theme force, and I played it a couple times, and I have loved playing it everytime. It is a blast to play!
  Second, I will still be posting commissioned painting pictures along with my theme force pictures. I will do some commentaries on them of course. These and the them force pictures will be posted every other week, and they will be listed as 'Sid's Shenanigans!'
  On the other weeks I want to do some posts about techniques I have learned, want to learn, and in the process of learning. For some of those who wonder how I paint things, I will post pictures and some step-by-step processes of my techniques; I will also dabble into other techniques and do some research. Then, I will post pictures of my attempts at these techniques.
  Now that I am back in the swing of things with painting posts! Let's begin with the Shenanigans!

Borka's Family Reunion
Preliminary Week

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