12 March 2013

Advanced Deployment by the Numbers

This game is rather Mathy and a lot can be derived simply from knowing a few numbers. I got to thinking about this as I have been using burrowers heavily in tournaments lately and knowing how far forward I can safely move before burrowing turn 2 is very important. So, with a few visual aids, we can see how we can effectively place our advanced deployment.

The Easy Stuff
There are only a few hard and fast numbers in this equation for people to know. Having these committed to memory is important as they will help you effortlessly out position most opponents because you have the numbers on your side.

Board length: 48"
Mid Field: 24"
Normal Deployment: 7/10"
Advanced Deployment: 13/16"

The Maths and Stuff
Now tier lists and other factors can change these but that is something you will need to account for list to list.
So, we have the important number here. Say you are going first. You start your AD right at the 13" mark as represented by the handy dandy image posted below. You potential run range is far. Moving you up to just beyond mid field with your front line. (13 + 12 = 25")  Doing this however puts you within shooting range of not only AD units but regularly deployed units like Long Gunners who are more then happy to take shots at the little murder machines heading toward them.

So from your enemies perspective, they think you will be bombing down the field trying to get to their ranged stuff to shut them down so they certainly want to try and remove as much of that threat as you they can.  So, giving an example of unbuffed Long Gunners who have a range 14. They move 6 and shot having a 20" total threat. 10 + 6 + 14 = 30) Oh crap, you just run right up into their effective threat range. That's bad. However, knowing what their ranges are You know you can safely run just shy of the 18" mark. Which is a meager 5" in move. This may not sound like a win here but it also means they don't get shot turn 1 ad you get to burrow and have them up the board next turn. These numbers are also important because at those ranged you know that your Fennblades can safely run 1 or 2 guys into that zone of shooting to bait a Vengeance move of of your opponent who has perceived them as a threat. (7 + 12 = 19") So you know you need to run the rest of your Fenns just behind that 18" mark on the board.

Now this is just an extreme example and makes things seem a little more dire then normal   However when you look at other shooting options from Jacks and Beasts you start to have a little more wiggle room.  But the power of numbers is going to save you so many dudes once you get into the habit of doing the simple calculations in your head.

This goes beyond just the first turn.  If you have the where with all to remember how far your opponents have moved and things like that it ca be much easier to judge distances once the game goes on. Referencing your own measurements in battle is another easy way to help yourself.  Lastly measuring your control area is the easiest way to give yourself the advantage.  This may seem second nature to seasoned players but for new guys or even when learning a new faction, teaching yourself these thigns can be a huge help.

I hope you enjoyed this latest article.  Leave comments below or on the forums and as always direct message me if you have questions, comments or Dhunia forbid, criticism.

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