06 March 2013

My Brothers, It Begins...

Lock and Load event registration is upon us and the time has come to get back on the tuffalo and get our models painted.  I personally have 49pts worth of Warlocks, Warbeasts and Infantry soaking in simple green prepping for paint.  I've decided to go back and strip everything I painted for Lock and Load 2 Years ago. So once again brothers, we PAINT!

I'll be posting my progress here on the blog as things move along and I invite anyone who wants to participate to send me your photos of progress made and show the world what we Trolls are made of.  Literally, let's show them how good we paint. Send your pictures to Goris@trollbloodscrum.com and every week I will post pictures of what you guys have completed along side my own. Without further ado, here's what I have done so far...


  1. Oh! The humanity!??!
    Or rather, Trollblood-insanity!

  2. Why are you not stripping the Mountain King...? Is he not in your L&L list? :)


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