02 March 2014

Show Me Your Kithkar ***Competition Update****

We have expanded the model selection for the 'Show Me Your Kithkar' painting competition to include additional models from our most recent release.

You may paint the following for this competition:
Trollkin Fennblade Kithkar
Night Troll
Trollkin Sorcerer
The Hunters Grim
Trollkin Warders
Mountain King

Additional models that were completed previous to the competition date can submit pictures of those models for a chance to win a Trollbloodscrum Dice Set or Patch.

See the Competition Announcement http://www.trollbloodscrum.com/2014/03/show-me-your-kithkar-painting.html for more details.


  1. I have a question concerning the "previously painted" part of the rules. I had painted Grim of the hunters grim about a month ago, but have yet to paint Muggs and Krump. I was just wanting to get some clarification on if that meant the unit was not eligible to be entered into the march 7th-28th competition. Either way I don't have a problem with submitting a completely unpainted model to the competition that fits into the unpainted now, but painted by the 28th clause.

  2. If you paint Muggs and Krump you can Submit the three as your entry.