02 March 2014

Show Me Your Kithkar!!! (Painting Competition)

Our newest painting competition is up and ready to go.   As you can see by the new logo on the side of the page.  Lawn Battle ship is starting off a kickstarter (More information on it coming soon) and they have generously offered to sponsor this painting competition by giving two lucky winners a $25 gift card to either amazon.com OR Discount games... they're deciding okay.  Anyway here is the nuts and bolts.

1)Enter the competition by emailing thegreatblah@trollbloodscrum.com no later than MARCH 7th.
  a) Subject Line of the email should be 'Show Me Your Kithkar'.  If you don't use this subject line, I probably won't find it.
  b) Please give your Name, forum name if you have one, and any other information you deem pertinenet.
2)Obtain a Trollkin Kithkar or any model release for Trollbloods in Gargantuans (The Hunters Grim, Sorcerer, Night Troll, Warders or Mountain King) and send a pic of your unpainted, or partially unpainted, or painted but no yet complete, kithkar in the email.
3)Spend the next few weeks painting said kithkar.
4)Send a photo of your completed kithkar by March 28th for us to review.

That's it, its that easy.   Trollbloodscrum will post your completed kithkars as they come in and announce the winners on April 1st.  YES April Fools day.

Notes: Members of Trollbloodscrum CAN participate, but you probably wont win.  It will still be awesome though.   Also, you need not OWN the kithkar you paint we just want to make sure you are the one that painted it.


  1. We absolutely have to begin with an unpainted model? We can't submit photos of already painted Kithkars?

  2. Not really fair to let people use stuff they have had ample time to already finish. However, I would love to see your painted Kithkars and have patches and dice for good ones that are already done.

  3. we have updated the model listing of models you can paint to anything from Gargantuans.

  4. I usually attend painting competitions, recently i have gone through the Latiff Napoleon-Johari paintings which are amazing.