24 March 2009

Hoarluk Doomshaper, Rage of Dhunia

Dude, he cut off his own HAND!!!

The now epic Doomshaper has finally been assembled and ready to hit the gaming table this wednesday night so it feels like time for a rundown.

So as far as the story goes, some of the Troll elders don't like the way Old Doomy is doing things, I mean, he killed a hospitol train full of Cygnarians for crying out loud. So they set him up to be captured by Cygnar. What they didn't know is that becuase he cut off his own hand to make friends with Mulg he regenerates like a Dire Troll and is friends with the biggest meanest trolls around. Cygnar catches Doomy, break his staff Gnarlroot, and throw him in dungeon. Madrak and Borka find out Doomy is captured and go to save him only to find out that Mulg and a mess of other Dires beat him to the punch. So now Doomy, Madrak and Borka are out to make someone pay while Grissel, Grim and Calandra keep the rest of the Trolls safe...

Okay his stats, they blow, other than his Fury 7 he is baaad. Protect him or he will die to a stiff breeze. Which is odd since he is supposed to be awesome sauce, but I guess he is rather old so there it is.

Willbreaker is awesome against Hordes players. Bonk their beast on the head, take it over, beat them with their own beasts. When yer done with that Doomy finishes whatever he was doing.

FEAT - Scroll of Grimmar
Doomy and his Dires get double speed for one turn. Yeap a Dire Troll missle is coming your way.

Calming Effect - Run your beasts hot, they'll go after enemies even if they frenzy.
Goad - Beast kills an enemy and can be forced to move 2". Caster hiding behind a trooper, just eat the trooper first and move on up.
Hyper Regeneration - Doomy gets D3 back each turn, though if Doomy is getting hit chances are he won't be living long.
Tough - I am Troll therfore I am tough.
Warbeast Bond - All one of your Dire Trolls attacks can be power attacks (no Tramples, Slams, or Charges) So one good use for this. Buff a Dire to STR 17 and start throwing Pygmies at your enemies. Thats a 9" plus the base size POW 17 ranged attack.

Agitation - Add fury to enemy beasts. Aww you can't transfer damage anymore because your beasts are full.
Mayhem - Free Charge +5, not as good as Rush, but still pretty good.
Mob Mentality - Units need more movement too, hit an enemy with this and your troops move toward it.
Primal Shock - It isn't as good as an arcnode, but from a Dire its a POW 12 blast and Doomy can use it three times a turn.
Sunder Spirit - I take your animus for a round... yeap I own it.

Still squishy as heck, but aggressive like crazy. He is definetly stonger against Hordes, but can still lay it down against Warmachine. We will see how much I like him once he hits the table.

Epic Doomshaper on Battle College

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  1. eDOOMY is full of win. Gratz on the games tonight.