20 March 2009

Trolls vs Cryx... King of the HIll

So after some debate, and once we found out our game affected the top three more than we thought, we decided to make time for a game. No matter how much we pissed off our wives!

Seeing as how I was already playing a losing battle (that's how I always feel about Cryx) I decided to bring my brick and try for a scenario win. King of the Hill was the scenario rolled and my Trolls got to go first.

Trolls Turn 1 - My Kriel Warriors open up first, Fel Called for Open Road they run and spread out right for the hill, with In-Step from the piper and 2" from the Shaman three of them make the hill on the first turn, banner dude mini-feats for tough on 4-6. My brick advances up behind them with my Scattergunners on the right and my Gators on the left. Score one point for Trolls.

Cryx Turn 1 - He runs his arcnode up to the hill base and proceeds to fry the Kreils on the hill, two of them tough roll, he also picks off a few more of the front line. He runs with his Biles and jacks to get to the hill leaving one bile next to the hill. His Banes and another arcnode move up towards the flank side the Gators are on and he his done. Giving me another point he is confident I will die a horrible death long before I can score more than three points. Thats the way our games often go. Score Trolls another point.

Trolls Turn 2 - Kriels again run their faces off to tie up as much of his Biles as I can leaving a Kriel that had to stand up, the Piper and the Shaman on the front of the hill. The Brick advances to the hill and half of it makes it there, with Surefoot, Gobber smoke, and the no continous effects aura I hoped to survive as this turn would prove costly for me, my Slag Troll does manage to take out his front arcnode though. The Scattergunners move in on the Biles but only two of them are in range to die from sprays. The Gators move up to try and keep the Bane Knights away from the Brick. At this point my only hope is to clog up the hill long enough to score five points before he kills everything I have and/or my caster. Score Point Three for Trolls.

Cryx Turn 2 - Trollblood slaughter commenced, between a crap-load of purging and arced spells my Kriels were pretty much done, somehow the Banner survives the onslought with some lucky tough rolls but was the only one left in that unit. One Champion Dead, a couple of dead Scribes, one Hero half dead, and two Scattergunners running to the Fel Caller for help... it was brutal. One of his jacks also makes the hill, his Bane Knights destroy my over-extended Gators and Tartarus gets into position. With a couple tough rolls I had hoped to have more on the hill but did not. Score Point one for Cryx.

Trolls Turn 3 - Impaler gets a lucky Critslam pushing the jack off the hill opening him up for the Slag Troll, no longer needing to boost to hit melts it. My Brick moves up and tries to clog up the hill with every model available forcing him to kill them and take their places to get points... which he could easily do. Score point 4 for Trolls.

Cryx Turn 3 - He feats, I am screwed. One Hero dies, 3 more Champs die, the Fel Caller dies, the Slag Troll dies, The Impaler has 4 health left, all the Scribes die, the Elder tough rolls and the Stone is still up. When it was all said and done. I had one less on the hill than him and Feel, VERY VERY DEAD!!! Score point Two for Cryx.

Trolls Turn 4 - I only need one more point to win and have only one chance to pull it off, I move up my remaining Champ, Madrak, the last remaining Scattergunner, and the Impaler onto the hill, the Impaler can't hit the broad side of a barn, Madrak feats and the Hero proves to be the Hero of the game... He was buffed quite well from all those dieing Champions and could actually hit something. Tartarus dies to the Hero and so does his arcnode and his last jack and BK then dies horribly to a shift. I now have one model left on the hill more than he does and so end my turn. Trolls 5 Cryx 2. One Turn longer and Every single model on the table that smelled like a Troll would be dead dead dead.

Trolls win, barely, Luck and Tough rolls were the only thing that gave it to me... As usual Geoff decimated me and he had half his army left alive, he has my number for sure.

Battle Pictures to come


  1. Good game Dallas! Good game Geoff! So you two end the tournament 2nd and ...

    I will get the final results from Paul today and publish.

  2. With two losses I'm not even in the running. I'm sort of pissed about this game as my heart wasn't in it. No excuses though I guess.