14 March 2009

How a Troll Assassinates a Master Assassin... You Don't

Lord Assassin Morghoul on Battle College

The Killing Fields scenario vs Lord Assassin Morghoul. It seemed my best chance to avoid being killed outright was the bring my high model count 'Modified Brick' and clog my caster with medium bases. Using Surefoot and the KSB aura that ruins blast damage my caster would seem safe.

Turn 1 starts with Trolls, The plan was to camp my main force on the center point and make her split her army to go for each side if she wanted to get points. My Kriels ran up the right side and mini-feated and used In-Step to get as close to the point on the right as possible and survive the Ferox charge if possible. The left side of the board had my Scattergunners and min unit of Gatormen running to that point. The center point was ran to by my Champs, rMadrak, the KSB and SSE, Slag, Impaler, Fel Caller, and Hero Pair. Skornes turn the Ferox goes for my Kriels and her main force moves up on the brick without attacking.

Turn 2 my Kriels grab the right point and run again to tie up as much of the opponent into melee as possible prevent that side of her force form being able to advance, the also scored the first kill on a combined melee against the Totem Hunter. My Brick lands on the center point Gobbers smoke up, Madrak Surefooted and camps there. The Gators and SG get the left side and prepare to flank. My turn ends with three points scored. Her turn ends with a couple dead Kriels and some Ferox and Certari who cant get the right side point because they had to kill Kriels. The Canoneer takes out a Kriel as well and her cyclops shadow walks up to the Fel Caller killing it... almost, yep we love tough. The Gladiator does the same thing on the left side one shotting one of my Heros. Agonizer out of range to hurt my beasts and Morghoul moves up to setup his assassination run for the next turn, then feats hitting my front line of Champs meaning they will for sure Camp that point on their next turn because if they move they can't attack anyway. Her turn ends zero points.

Turn 3 I give up on the right side and use my remaining Kriels to tie up the Agonizer. Main Brick sits on the middle point but I change the aura to +2 Str. The Slag moves up and hurt the Gladiator a bit to set him up for a charge from the Gators who subsequently kill him. The Scattergunners move up and shoot a few killing a couple of her support models. The Gobbers move over and take the left side point and my turn ends scoring two more points. Her turn ends up with the assassination attempt on Madrak as there was no way she was going to get enough points to win, lucky for me there wasn't quite enough space for her to fit so the other Hero bites it instead. Knowing that was her last chance she ends her turn so I can take my Turn 4 and win scoring two more pints.

Hoorah victory for the Trolls!!!

On a side note, Grim also ran a stinky Menite off the table in a pickup game earlier today.
All in all a good day for the Trolls.

Grand Exemplar Kreoss on Battle College


  1. Wow...a battle that caused both of our armies to be stripped almost bare, and you never did kill the caster...and only one misleading sentence? Guess I need to do a proper job on my blog ;-)


  2. Alright I didn't kill him, just made him run screaming from the battlefield like a little girl. That or cursing the Trolls, and vowing to pay them back in kind.