08 August 2010

Old Doomshaper, the troll that deals out hate much as he recieves ~ by Hellictic Mojo

Lists and Strategies

Whenever I consider Shaman of the Gnarls list, I must consider two things. "How do I protect him" and "how do I assassinate with him?" If you are lucky you will have models that can do both.

My usual 35 list goes like this

Hoarluk -7

Bomber 10 (The animus protecting from blast damage is so good for someone so fragile and pow 16 AOE)
Mauler 9 (Cheap beatstick for those hard stuff.
Bouncer 5 (Shield guard from direct shooting)

Scattergunner 8 (best fortuned infantry clearing option for us)
Fennblades 8 (Fortune works on vengeance)
whelps 2 (manage fury and heals while blocking charge lanes)

the primary strategy with this list is that you use the wall of medium and large base as a wall as you run up the field. and when the beasts charge/trample use goad to position your beast to the caster and kill. Or grab and smash with the Mauler while you use your reach and shooting to finish the job. This list is far from perfect. I'll admit that this list has very low success as Doomshaper is a very needy man that functions best at 50pt games, but it incorporates the best targets for fortune and two powerhouses that can take down anything in game with little work. The Bouncer is a dedicated body guard and a transfer battery.

This army building philosophy can alter depending on how you want your army to function. Some people see Hoarluk's defense as utterly hopeless lost cause and focus purely on offense.
If you seek this list know that shooting will utterly demolish him and any incorporeal and "place" movement based armies will reach around quickly. The quick offense army is really best against other glass cannon armies using your own toughness while you push your way through. Anything with spd 6 or more is the key for these armies and so is capitalizing on the pathfinder of Earthborn and the axer. Any model with steady rule is also viable for this.

The other army building philosophy is the quintessential brick. This doesn't work no where near the level of Madrak or even Borka, but do note that unlike those two , the army is the one that supports the warlock. This list basically constitute cramming much body and survivability increasing stuff and blocking LOS. Models with steady, chronicler, the kriel stones, whelps and bouncers are great choices for this theme. Things will be tough to kill and you basically use it as a meat wall. Heavy density shooting will put a dent into your plan if they play keep away. make sure to have somekind of ranged element that they can't ignore so you can force a closer encounter.

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